Chapter 84

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"I'm back!" I yell through the house

"Sky!" I hear a young voice scream and I hear tiny footsteps running towards me. I just about manage to drop my bag and take off my shoes by the time I see my beloved little sister come into view. I immediately bend down and allow her to run into my open arms. I hold her tight and rock her side to side.

"Hey cutie" I beam "What you doing here?"

"Mummy brought me" She giggles

"Mummy's here?" I say in my most enthusiastic voice despite how little I care about that woman right now.

"Yeah! Come see" She says pushing her way out my arms. I pick her up and she points in the direction for me to go. I walk towards the kitchen. I push the door open to see my mother sat at the table opposite Gina. My father sits at the head of the table and Cameron sits at the other end opposite him. Sierra sits next to Gina and there's now one seat remaining. What is happening? Why is everyone here?

"Skylar, you're home" Dad says "Sit down" He adds forcefully. I put Jaimee down and she runs over to Dad, climbing onto his lap.

"What's going on?" I say looking to Cameron for help whilst sitting down next to my mother apprehensively.

"You'll see" He says mysteriously. I look to my dad now for answers.

"Skylar, this is Gina"

"I know who she is" I smile

"And Sierra"

"I watch your youtube videos" I smile.

"I listen to your music" She retaliates. I have one song so I find that highly unlikely.

"I've invited everyone here to make amends. I have screwed up very badly over the past 24 years"

"You can say that again" Gina laughs

"Will someone tell me whats going on?" I ask again

"I've talked to your mother" Dad says "And yours" He adds looking to Cameron and Sierra "And we've kind of patched things over"

"What does that mean?" Cameron says confused

"They've made up" I state

"How can you do that mom? He abandoned us when I was 4 and Sierra was 8" He says hurt.

"It wasn't all his fault Cam, I had to do what was best for my two children" Gina explains "Yes he cheated but he did try to make me forgive him. I just couldn't do it- I couldn't let him back into my heart after he hurt me so badly" Reminds me of Matt. I let him back in constantly after he hurts me.

"But I've appologised profusely and I think we're starting to become friends again. I want to be there for you both" Dad says looking at Sierra and Cameron. "You're the best things that have ever happened to me" He says before kissing Jaimee on the head. I can't take this anymore. I suddenly feel the erge to stand up and storm out of the room. I stand up, scraping my chair along the floor.

"What are you doing?" My mum asks me.

"I'm sick of this. I sick of you acting like I'm the devil child" I say running my hands through my hair "You constantly rub it in my face that I was the mistake. I get it okay! I don't need you comparing me to Cameron all the time because he's so successful and I'm 'sponging my fame off of him' I get it." I say storming out of the room.

"Sky?" Gilinsky says walking towards me.

"Not now" I say pushing past him. I hear him running after me and soon after his arms are wrapped around me.

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