Bella's POV

We arrive at Magcon and the screaming girls are unbearable. "How are you not deff?" I whispered in Jacob's ear so he could hear me. "You get used to it" he responded "Guys we have to go on now!" Nash screamed. They made their way on stage, leaving the girls backstage. We could hear everything "Hey guys its me, Nash" "I'm Cam" "Hi its Matt" "Hayes" "Taylor" "Carter here" "Aaron" "Gilinsky" "Johnson" "and Jacob" The boys introduced themselves. "Today we have some special guests. We are pleased to present to you..." Cam paused "O2L" He continued and fans were screaming. 1 hour had passed and I did get used to the loud screams, ocasionally getting louder. "We have some special people, we'de love you to meet" Jacob started. The O2L boys came backstage and picked all the girls up and brought them on stage. We were all kicking and screaming cause we really did not want to go on stage. "We present to you... Maya Matt's girlfriend, Laura Shawn's girlfriend, Rose JC's girlfriend, Alina Gilinsky's girlfriend, Lola Aaron's girlfriend, Nat Trevor's girlfriend, and Bella Jacob's girlfriend. And you all know Andrea Russet Kian's Girlfriend" Cam introduced us and we all just stood awkwardly beside our boyfriends. As I stood there I could feel the death glares and I know that there would be hate. We stayed on stage until we all started to get hungry. All the girls went backstage and my phone kept vibrating. Nat ran to the bathroom earlier because she looked at her phone and the hate was that bad. I kept myself preocupied without my phone.

After Magcon we went back to the O2L house and had a movie night, something we haven't had in a long time. We watched Mean Girls and all the guys complained "Why do we have to watch this dumb ass movie?" Carter asked. "Because Nat's on her period and we are gonna watch what ever she wants to watch" I explained. "Yea, do you wanna have a bitch fit, or nah" its cute how he defends Nat "Hey that's my thing" Nash got mad. We watched the movie and when Ragina got hit by the bus, Nat started crying "okay then" Carter said obviously confused about whay Nat was crying. "Are you trying to sass me?" Nat asked "Yea, are you trying to sass her?" Maya asked "No" Carter said "It's called a fucking mood swing, deal with it" I spoke up. Trevor was comforting Nat, while Nat cried into his shoulder. They were so cute together. My eyes kept fluttering closed and befor I knew it sleep took over my body.

Hey I might start a Likey fanfic(ifyoudontknowwhatlikeyisfindout)!

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