19: Across Campus

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Woo! This story got to #141 in Humor and #149 last week :) how amazing, thanks guys. Sorry for the slow updates, school is being annoying. I'm in my last year (well they've changed the law and I have to stay on another year, but this is the last year of high school) meaning all my exams are in a few months.  Kind of just winging myself through it at the moment, let's see how long I can do that for lol

Anyways, enjoy the chapter and Charley time, love all you awesome people

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“Okay, here we are.” Chase turns off of the car, and looks at me sending me a small, shy smile. “This is my surprise.”

I stare blankly in front of me, my eyes squinting in the dark to try and see if what I’m seeing is real. “A house?”

Chase nods, “Yeah,” he smiles, “and it was meant to be ours. I was buying it off of Jenna, but after everything that happened I just want to move on.”

My eyebrows pull together in confusion, and I turn to the side to face Chase. “Wait, so this was the surprise? You brought – well, were going to buy – a house?”

He smiles, and grabs my hand, “Well, I was buying a house for us, Harley. So we can move in together, instead of living across campus and so you can have Jellybean,” he shrugs, “your brother and Nate and your mum were all helping me organise everything. I’m trying to find another house…”

I’m pretty sure my jaw is nearly on the floor from shock. I wave my hands in the air, “wait, wait, wait! You want to move in together?”

Suddenly Chase looks slightly uncomfortable, and a little bit anxious. He rubs his hand across his jaw, and sighs, “Yeah, I do. I was planning to ask you in some big romantic way, but I kind of got arrested so…”

I couldn’t help it, and I laughed out loud. “That’s so typical,” I giggle, shaking my head, “I swear something always has to get in the way, huh?”

“Keeps things interesting,” he says, giving me a small smile back. The smile slowly fades off of his face, and he turns serious, “If you don’t want to move in with me, you don’t have to, but I’m kind of hoping you’re going to say yes.”

Unbuckling my seat belt, I shift so I’m closer to him and wrap my arms around his neck. I bring my lips close to his, they’re a breath apart from each other, and I whisper, “Of course I will, you stupid muggle.”

Chase replies with a kiss.


I wrap my little brother and my sister in my arms, kissing both of their heads. It had been forever since I saw Ember and Ethan, and my eyes began to water at how big they’ve gotten and how much I’ve missed. In the midst of all this murder drama, and college, I haven’t had time to go home and see them. I’m a crappy sister.

Ethan giggles, pulling on my hair, the same time Ember decides to plant a sloppy kiss on the side of my face. Both of them, a few months shy of a year, had gotten so big. They were both growing up so quickly, learning how to sit up by themselves and to crawl.

“They’re so smitten with you,” mum says, reaching over and untangling Ethan’s death grip from my hair, “It scares me sometimes, to see how you are with them; I get scared you’re going to mentor them in how to speed up the process of me getting grey hair.”

I smile back at mum, handing Ethan over to her, and rocking Ember back and forward in my arms as she slowly drifts off to sleep, her head on my shoulder. “Nah, Asher called dips on that.” I smile back.

“God help me,” mum mutters, placing Ethan on the floor, “one Asher is enough.” Ethan crawls away, giggling as he goes, heading straight towards his big brother, who immediately picks up him and tickles him. “So how is everything?” she asks. “Are you okay…after what happened?”

I pause for a moment, staring down at Ember’s innocent face. “Yeah,” I say, “I think I am.” After Chase had shown me the house, we’d come back to find all of our parents (and Nate) in my apartment waiting to talk to him, and to me. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but I felt safe. For the first time in months, I truly believe that everything was going to be fine.

Mum smiles at me. “Good,” she says, suddenly tears begin to spring to her eyes and I begin to panic, until she pats my hand in reassurance, “I just get worried that I’m not here for you enough. That I’m always too busy with work, with the twins, that I should be finding more time to spend with Asher and you, and I’m scared you’re going to hate me for that. I honestly thought you would, after I dropped you off with boarding school.”

I look up from Ember’s face, and I know that nothing good comes from secrets. I’ve learned that honesty, although it can hurt, helps. “I did, for a little bit,” I admit, “I felt abandoned, that you cared about work more than Asher and me. It hurt and it made me mad, but I don’t think that way anymore. I love you, mum, and you know…everything is okay, I have Asher and I have Chase and I know if I need you, you’ll be there.”

She sniffles, leaning forward to hug me, being careful not to crush Ember between us. Mum kisses the top of my head, and smiles at me wiping away a few of her tears. “When did my baby become so grown up?” she asks. “I’m so proud of you, Harley. I love you.”

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So, yeah. I'm pretty sure this is the end. Like maybe one/two chapters after this and an epilogue? Maybe less, lol. Hope you enjoyed :D

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