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i think i'd have a heart a attack

"do we really have to go?"
"yes milo"
"but avaniii"
"come on, im already in the car. if your not out in 5 minutes im literally calling vinnie to take you"

within a minute, milo was in the car waiting for avani to start driving.

"im scared. should i be scared? is it okay to be scared?"
"milo calm down, you'll be fine. if you are then great. vinnie was more than willing to have a child woth you last time. im pretty sure his feelings havent changed"
"what if it has? then what do i do?"
"talk it out with him. vinnie's nice. you guys have been dating for like 8 or 9 months. you'll be fine"
"its been 9 but that doesnt mean anything"
"your gonna be fine. just calm down"

once they got to the doctors, milo fiddled with her hands in her pockets. they walked into the elevator and clicked floor 2. avani sat in the waiting room while milo walked into the doctors office.

"so what do we have here?" she asked.
"i took 3 tests and the first two were negative but the last was positive"
"okay, were gong to run a few tests and then you will be free to go. we will call the number who made the appointment in a few hours with the results"
"thank you" she said before they brought her into a different room.

they did all types of tests on her, making her tired and a bit weary. avani drove her home and then made her way to her house.

milo instantly collapsed onto her bed before hearing her front door open. she groaned and looked up to see vinnie in her doorway.

"you should really lock your front door"
"i know"
"how did the doctors go?"
"good i guess. im just tired"

he laid next to her before pulling her into his chest and gently rubbing her back.

while she slept, vinnie heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"milo! the doctor said- oh. hey vinnie" avani stopped in the doorway.
"sorry, uh- tell her to call me when she wakes up"

milo stirred in her sleep, holding onto vinnie tighter than usual but definitely not tight enough to hurt him. he moved the small pieces of hair out of her face before pulling out his phone and scrolling through his socials.

milo slowly awake and instantly called avani. she ran downstairs so he wouldnt hear her.

"she said it's positive"
"oh my god"
"i'll call you back"

she slowly walked back up the stairs and into her room to face vinnie.

"hey vinnie?"
"can i uh- can i tell you something?"
"yeah of course"
"so you um, you remember what happened 2 weeks ago?"
"a lot of stuff happened 2 weeks ago?"
"like between us?"
"oh yeah"
"when you guys saw us at the store, we were buying p-pregnancy tests. first two were negative but the last one was positive so avani made me go to the doctors today. they said they would call avani and she just called me. they um- s-said it was p-positive"
"aww baby, you were afraid i was gonna be mad" he said while gently placing his hand on my cheek.

he lightly picked me up and laid me next to him where i cried into his chest. i really didnt have anyone else to blame besides myself because im an irresponsible teen.

he gently rubbed circles on my back, placing a few kisses on the top of my head every few minutes.

"baby look at me" he said in a soft tone while placed a hand under my jaw to turn me to look at him.
"im not mad okay? im not and i promise you that" he said before leaning down to kiss me.

authors notes

1 more chapter then the epilogue 😳
if you dont like the book, ✨ stop reading ✨ its not that hard. just stop instead of hating on every single chapter.

but yeah i hate writing pregnancy chapters cause they make me cringe so yeah. next chapter will be 9 months later then epilogue.

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