Antonis Daglis

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Antonis Daglis was a greek serial killer,some called him the greek jack the ripper because of his victims,he killed only prostitutes,the reason was his mother who worked as one for quite a few time,an he happened to witness it when a neighbor of his dragged him to the bar his mother used to work. Everything started when his father died and left him at the age of 12 as a result him quiting school and began working to support his mother and himself,he grew up to hate his mother job as well as the girls doing it,until the police found the first victim and thats when his journey as a serial killer. Although he was called a gruesome killer one of his victims that actually survived was British Ann Hamson  who told her story of her having no other option than taking that job as she had to earn money for a ticket back to her country, after hearing that antonis not only let her live but drove her back to where he had taken her from. All that until they caught him and was sent to jail. On August 2 1997 was found dead in his cell at the age of 33 he had commit suicide by hanging himself.

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