"So where were you Harry? We were so worried!" Liam started.

"Yeah, you should have seen Lissa, she--" He stopped abruptly and I could only imagine that Louis shot him the "shut up" look.

"Yeah. Uh.." I mumbled, not sure how to start.

"Lissa cheated." Louis stated bluntly. The look on the boys' faces was of pure shock.

"Like, at a board game, right?" Niall mumbled.

I sighed. "I wish Nialler, but no."

"She, she... I don't understand." Zayn stuttered, his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion.

"So me and Lissa were out shopping together." I started, cringing a bit. "Then I got a call from Louis saying you guys had a problem... What was your problem?" I trailed off.

"Oh, there was this metal clothes bin thing and Niall and Zayn got stuck in it." Liam explained.

"Got stuck?"

"Yeah. They thought it'd be interesting to see if they both could fit in it at the same time. Of course they got stuck and couldn't get out." Louis laughed.

"Ah. Okay then." I nodded. "Well, anyway. So I left Lissa at one of the shops to come help you with your "emergency." I hadn't even walked that far when I turned around to look at Lissa. And there she was, snogging some guy. Like really snogging. Her hands were in his hair and everything."

Liam, Niall, and Zayn looked at me with a mixture of surprise and sympathy. Louis just looked sad.

"I was obviously heart broken, so I turned around to leave. I walked a few steps when I realized I dropped my phone. So I turned around again to get it. That's when I saw Lissa and the guy hugging. And it didn't look like a friendly hug either."

"I... I just can't even, like... Who does she think she is?" Niall exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air.

"I want nothing to do with her ever again!" Zayn muttered. "That's horrible! She.. Ugh!"

Louis just glared at the ground, already have heard the story. Liam was the only one who was quiet. He had a concentrated look on his face.

"It doesn't make sense.. She loves you." He muttered.

I snorted. "Yeah. That's what I thought just 24 hours ago."

"I would say that maybe the guy came on to her, but with the way you describe it, that doesn't seem likely. If the guy forcefully kissed her, then why would she have her arms around his neck and why would she hug him after? It just doesn't make sense."

"Sure it does." Zayn argued. "Lissa cheated on Harry. It's that simple. And now she's no longer my friend."

Niall suddenly looked very concerned. "I'm dating Tessa! What if she believes the lies Lissa's bound to tell and breaks up with me because I believe Harry? She'll obviously chose her best friend over me!"

"Well then we'll have to explain it to her before Lissa gets a chance." Liam decided. "And even if she does believe Lissa, I doubt she'll break up with you Ni."

"Okay..." Niall mumbled, unsure.

"It's my problem. You don't have to worry." I mumbled.

"I'm sorry, Harry."

"It's okay, Ni."

I looked at the ground, avoiding eye contact with anyone. My eyes started getting wet and my face heated up.

Louis seemed to notice right away and put an arm around me, rubbing my back.

"It's okay. Don't cry." He shushed me. The other boys looked at me with sad eyes, Zayn getting upset.

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