11// Tori & Derek

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Growing up I was so shy, that it was hard for me to make friends. I just didn't know how to talk to other kids, it wasn't until Mia was born and we were growing up alongside each other, that I thought I finally found a best friend for life.
And I did even though Mia was younger, in some way we were best friends.

When I was in high school I didn't really have that many friends either, my focus was on getting into college, I kept telling myself that I had Mia and that once I was in college I would make new friends then, well that didn't really happened like I expected because I met Jeremy instead and fell in love, so his friends kind of became mine even though I didn't really like them and I don't think they liked me much either.

But then it all changed when I met Grace on my first day at the hospital, finally as a nurse, I was nervous, scared and excited to be starting a job that I worked so hard to get, that I was helping people and I loved it.

Grace was an ER doctor on call the first day of my shift, I was to shadow her for the first two weeks, until I decided just what ward I was best suited to work on. Grace was tough, but she was kind and we soon became fast friend.

And I'm so happy to have her as a friend, I mean she has helped me through this whole mess with Mia and Jeremy for that I will always owe her.

Pulling out of my thoughts as I hear the sound of a car, looking up from the front-steps on the beach house, just in time to see Grace's turning the engine off and got out.

"Damn girl! You've got yourself a charming little set-up here" Grace smirks and points to the beach house.

"That I do.... how was your flight?" I ask her, she looks at me tiredly and shrugs, she catch a flight straight from her shift at the hospital last night, then got a rental car and made the hour drive from North Carolina airport.

"Long...I need food and wine" she grumbled as she grabbed her overnight bag and began walking towards me.

"Lucky for you I have a bottle in the fridge, and there's an awesome Chinese place that opens in about an hour-;" I started to say only to be cut off by another voice shouting.

"Oh! Tori..." Deacon's voice yelled, shaking my head and nudge Grace forward to the house. Hoping to get in the house before Deacon reaches us.

"Babe. I know you can hear me" He yelled again, Grace stops moving and looks at me confused,

"Who's that-;" She asked, shaking my head.

"Nobody ignore him"

"Rude...that hurts" Deacon faked cried just as he reaches the spot where we are, I know he's going to bug me about this stupid BQQ he is having.

And I am not going, I have successfully avoided Derek since the morning he made breakfast, and I plan on to keep avoiding him until it time for me to go back home.

"What do you want Deacon?" I ask him as I turn to face him, he smirks at me.

"I told you BQQ started at four" He answered without a care in the world.

"And I told you I had a friend coming to town" I argued,

"Who I said to bring along with you-;" I shook my head at him.

"Sorry to interrupt your little whatever this is.... but I would love to go to a BQQ-'" Grace pipped in a flashed me a smile.

"I'm Grace by the way, and you must be the hot cops brother" She added, throwing my elbow into her, to shut her up, just as Deacon lets out a fit of laughs.

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