Chapter 6

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 'I have to get that,' Savannah moaned, pulling away. She tried to escape Robert's arms. She knew that ring tone. She could not, not answer it. 

' Don't__' his lips teased hers, imprisoning her.  

'Sorry,' she drew away. 'I have to,' Savannah rushed to her handbag and moved out of Robert's earshot. The call went to voicemail, before she could hit the answer button. Groaning silently, she was about to call Ross back when he was re-dialling her.

'Savannah!' he growled. 

'Yes, sorry my phone was in my handbag,' and I had to get my lips back from Robert. 

Thinking of Robert, he crept up behind her. His arms curled around her waist, his lips on a voyage of discovery down her slender throat. Savannah craned her neck away from Robert. She gently pushed his hands away. Her eyes pleaded for him to behave. She needed to give the call her undivided attention. Ross fired questions at her, she responded efficiently. 

Five minutes later, she said good night and ended the call. 

Ross had every intention of interrupting Savannah's bed time plans. He took the greatest of pleasure in hitting number one on his speed dial.


'Yes Mr. Templeton?' Savannah hesitated, waited for Ross to continue speaking.

'We need to go to Japan. How quickly can you arrange clearance?'

We? Her heart beat accelerated like a high speed train.

 Savannah sighed silently. Just when I've met somebody. 'It's a visa -free entry,' she thought aloud. 'The pilot may need about three hours for his pre-flight inspection.' Re-fuelling the jet and paperwork could take about half a day,' Savannah calculated. 'We could leave by tomorrow afternoon,' she tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice. Robert had wanted to see her again the next evening.

Ross drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. He could go alone. He did not really need his secretary for any administrative purposes, but he wanted her with him for reasons he refused to dwell on.

 'I'm meeting an avionics engineer, who speaks faster than the speed of light moves,' Ross justified. 'I need you to take notes and carry a recorder as well,' he added.

How he managed to keep a straight face after telling that lie, he was not sure, for there was nothing wrong with his brain's processing ability. Infact it was widely known that he had an excellent ability to process and store data at supersonic rate in his highly active brain. Ross was surprised, his secretary believed the nonsense he had spun. Perhaps she bought his lies because they were going to a foreign country.

 'We're going to Tokyo?' Savannah checked.

'Yes, to Shibuya,' Ross confirmed. Savannah nodded. She had often transferred calls to Ross from a company in that city.  

'Sorry about that,' her smile was apologetic. Savannah slipped her phone into her pocket. 

His eyes locked onto hers. 'I have not lost my train of thought,' he pulled Savannah back into his arms again.

She laughed. 'We weren't supposed to be kissing on this date,' she reminded him.

'But it was you that kissed me,' he correctly informed her.

 Savannah looked away shyly. It had been her that had initiated the kiss. Robert had wanted to say good bye. It was her that had leaned closer, closed her beautiful eyes and offered him her tantalizing lips.

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