Chapter 2

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Zoey' s P.O.V

Keith took forever to open his door. I told him that he had to get dressed and stuff. Even though when he replied he mumbled his morning breath is terrible! I was so sick of him always waking up late so I started to. I wetn back into my room and ran to my closet. " Now what shold I wear to my first day as a freshman in high school?" I pulled out some my hottest outfits but now they didn't go together. So what I decied to do was wear my mini skirt, with my black high top converse, and my light blue black shirt with the black writting that matches my converse. While I was checking out myself in the mirror Keith cam bombarding in my room dressed with his plain white T- shirt, black jeans, his red and black JOrdans, and his leather jacket.

Keith's P.O.V

It was 6: 20. Why was Zoey Taking so long? When the clock sturck 6:25 I couldn't take it anymore. I almost punched open Zoey's door before I can get it unlocked. I looked at her. She was wearing her converse with her blue shirt and A MINI SKIRT!! As old as she is, NO I will not have my 14 year old sister go out the house looking like that. Although when I saw my reflction from her mirror I looked even buffer than what I am. As quarterback of the football team I have to look good.

Zoey P.O.V

" GET OUT" I was getting dressed I said. " Not with that MINI SKIRT your not." You not Mamma or Daddy you can't tell me what to do. This argument lasted until mom cam in my doorway to break up the fight. Keith.... James.... Johnson if you don't stop that yelling... " But Ma she..." She cut him off get your school bag and wait by the front door. He did as he was told but on his way down the stairs he mumbled something that mama would have smacked him for. She looked at me " And you yound lady do you know how cold it is out there, and your going to be late for your bus. I looked at my shoes.... " Change into some jeans that will cover up your legs and go to school YOUR GOING TO BE LATE!!" She yelled. I looked and found my Aeropostale jeans they went well with my outfit, so I grabbed my school bag and headed for the door to walk with Keith to the bus stop.

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