Chapter 2

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"What?" The smirk that showed on his face I wanted to smack right off. "No. I don't ever want to do such things with you." I started to walk away leaving him a bit starstruck. He just stood there while his little girlfriend was trying to get him to snap out of it. Oh, poor baby.

I went back to my friend and pulled her up. "Let's go Liz. I can't handle these people any longer." She stumbled as I dragged her out. "Woah! Wait! What happened?" I rushed both of us out of the building and into the car.

"That pest was asking if I wanted to get back together with him."

"That's messed up." I turned over to her. "No shit." I sped away and dropped myself off at my house.

"Tell your bro I said hi!" I turned around. "Okay! Night." She smiled through the window and waved. She pulled out and left. Liz was a good friend. At least she is still here for me. I walked into the house that was pitch black and took off my flats. I put them on the shoe rack beside the door and walked into the kitchen.

On the counter there was a plate of food with a note on it. I didn't know if you ate at the party so I made you this. Sweet. In a matter of minutes I was sitting on the couch watching whatever channel I could get to. And for now I was watching cartoons.

"Hey. When you're done go to sleep." My bro was in the hallway looking tired. "Oh. Sorry, did I wake you up?" He shook his head. "No. I had to use the bathroom and seen you were back." He plopped down next to me on the couch and watched the cartoons with me.
I finished the plate of food in a jiffy and went to bed. The bed was still the same mattress from when I was a kid. It wasn't comfy but it had to do. We had nothing more. A text. You're little billionaire you had a crush on just came over and asked me where you live. I didn't tell him anything so be lucky.

Why does he want to know where I live? Find another chick. You have plenty of those. Besides that, I'm not the dating type. I never liked those kind of men and I still won't like those kind of men. The men who think they can get whatever they want. Too bad, so sad, never gonna happen.
I woke up the next morning with my brother making pancakes. "Morning." He turned around. "Good morning." My phone beeped. I looked at it to see Liz inviting me to go shopping with her. Let's put it like this, I don't shop or buy anything unless it is cool clothing. Like skulls, dragons, or nerdy things. Like Minecraft.

Anything girly I don't really like. On the other hand, Liz is a total girly girl. A big girly girl. I accepted her invite and waved my bro goodbye. "Save me some pancakes!" I yelled out of the car window. "I will!" And he disappeared into the house.

We were at the store in a matter of minutes because Liz was speed driving through everything. I just sat in the back terrified. Anyways, we went through almost every store that was colorful and I had to be the one to carry everything. I felt like I was gonna die by how much weight I was carrying.

We went to a nearby café. We sat down and ordered. I went with a mocha. I don't remember what she got. Probably a iced coffee. While we were sipping our coffees she bumped my shoulder. "What?" Liz pointed across the room. "Look! Mr.Baer." I looked over and there he was.

He was with a girl that seemed younger then me and they were both flirting in front of us. "Should we leave?" I turned to her. "Yeah. Besides that, I want ice cream." We both got up and picked up the bags. We threw away our empty cups and just as we were about to leave, we were stopped by Coy.

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