Chapter 2

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A/N: I seem to have forgotten how to draw. Also, this chapter is weirdly written since it was made over the course of serveal days. I apologize for any mistakes seen below.

Kokichi sat alone on the cafeteria. There was no one around, not even Kirumi who usually stayed to prepare dinner or to clean. He was alone, and he didn't mind. He actually wanted to be alone, as he didn't want anybody to interfere with what he was going to do.

He felt a little scared though. After feeling all those emotions and pain, he wanted to talk about it with someone. But the answer was with who. He didn't know who he could trust, or who wasn't planning to kill him.

He had decided to pick someone by deciding with his own intuition, as well as other his memories. He wanted someone they both trusted. Or at least someone who didn't completely hate him.

'How about Gonta?' Kokichi immediately dismissed the thought. Other Gonta and Gonta were both kind, but he had to admit that Gonta wouldn't understand a thing he said, and that he'd spill out everything Kokichi had told him to the others.

As he browsed through his memories, he stopped at one.

The female patted the smaller males head softly with a smile. "If you need anyone to talk to, I'll be right here, so just call, okay?" She spoke such reassuring words, that it made the smaller male cry and hug her. Finally, someone he could trust.

Kokichi felt an emotion he rarely felt with other his memories: happiness. It made Kokichi want to tear up slightly as he felt the relif and gratitude be dumped onto him.

'Of course. Why didn't I relize this sooner? I can trust her.'

Now, he needed a way to reach out to her. He couldn't just go up to her and invite her to go to his room at night. Especially since he knew that there'd be other people around her. He'd immediately be accused of wanting to kill her. And who knows, maybe she'd turn up dead, and Kokichi would be the number 1 suspect.

He sat still, brows furrowed deep in thought. His face immediately brightened up as he relized a solituon. He could leave a note for her. He knew for sure that she'd find it. And he counted with what little luck he had that she'd arrived.

But, where could he write the note? He was in no possession of paper nor pen, and he certainly didn't want to look all over the school to find some.

He laughed at the irony of his situation. He was in a high class school, yet he had no paper. It seemed as if the world wasn't in his favor that day.

As he sulked, a thought crossed him. Yes.. this would work. A small grin appeared as he stood up, placing his hands behind his back. Almost as if he were expecting someone to come.

"Monokuuuuma!" The small boy cried. "Get your two-toned ass here!"

"Im coming, im coming you punk." Monokuma seemed to have materialized out of thin air, causing Kokichi to jump a tiny bit. "Now what do you want, you brat?"

"I need a favor." Kokichi started, smirking down at the bear. "Could I get a notepad and pen?"

Monokuma seemed to have had understanded why he needed those certain tools. After all, the walls could talk. And after seening Kokichi thinking so seriously, he was able to determine that he planed to spill the beans to someone.

"Now why would I want to do that?" The bear replied laughing. The two of them stared at eachother for a while, not one breaking eye contact. After a little while, Monokuma sighed, and gave a notepad than seemed to materialize out of thin air. Next, he took out a pen that seemed like merchandise more than anything. It was two-toned like Monokuma, and at the top was a mini Monokuma head.

'So this is Danganronpa merchandise, huh?' He didn't necessarily like the design, but he would have to make do with what was give to him. After all, this pen could be very much used as a murder weapon. He spaced off, thinking up creative ways on how he could use it to hurt someone, when he noticed that Monokuma was still there. He smiled slightly.

"I see your worried about me spilling the beans, right?" This caused Monokuma to jump slightly, which resulted in a smirk from Kokichi. "Well you should be worried. Or maybe you shouldn't. You never know. After all, I am a liar."

Another thought crossed Kokichi. "Hey Monokuma?" He squatted down so that their eyes met, although it wasn't too much of a bother considering his small frame. A glare passed through Kokichi's face, which caused the person seeing through Monokuma's eyes to shiver slightly. Kokichi gently grabbed Monokuma's head, and tilted it so that they're eyes were meeting. He was no longer talking to Monokuma, rather the person behind the cameras.

"Don't you even dare to think about eavesdropping. Whatever I do is none of your business. Right, Mrs. Mastermind?" As the person behind the screens heard this, they stood up startled. How had he discovered their gender so fast? She sat down calmly, regaining her posture, and studying Kokichi's face. She needed to know whether it was a bluff, or if he was completely serious. If she reacted badly, her whole plan could be ruined, and her identity would be exposed.

Kokichi stood up was again, notepad and pen in hand. That was a very risky move he had done. What he just did put him in danger. But what was a little danger to him. After all, he was the Ultimate Supreme Leader! Danger was his middle name. With new found confidence, he planned out his next move. It was one of the riskiest move he would ever make.

He turned around to face Monokuma. "By the way, I didn't break any rules, y'know? The rules say that no harm must come to the headmaster, and I didn't harm you. Isn't that right, Mrs. Ultimate ●#@%**&? Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. This'll be our little secret" With this, the Ultimate Supreme Leader turned his heels and left the shaken mastermind behind.

At hearing her identity being spoken out loud, the mastermind had fallen off her chair in panic. She was breathing heavily, but her faced seemed awfully flushed. She could feel so much despair at her identity being revealed so early on. Her breathing became excited as she could feel the despair pump through her blood.

She shakily stood up, and walked to where the monitors were. She  needed to plan out her next step carefully. One wrong move, and the entire house of cards could come crumbling down. Even if she was excited at the despair she would feel if that were to happen, she wanted to play a little more.

She needed a ally. A traitor in between the students. Herself wasn't enough anymore, especially if there was one student who already knew her identity.'Kokichi?' She dismissed the thought of using him. She knew he was on the side of hope, which was a pity, since she could use his brains. She knew he had given her his word, but there was the fact that he was a liar. And liars couldn't be trusted.

She scanned the screens, silently inspecting the students. She needed someone who loved despair as much as she did. Someone who wouldn't mind being her pawn. But where could she find someone like this? It's not as if one could suddenly sh-

Her eyes landed on a particular student. Yes... why didn't she think of this before? She started laughing, then suddenly stopped. She could use them. Even if it meant doing some adjustments, she was sure they would help her.

She gently caressed the screen in which their face was on, a sadistic smile showing up on her features.

"You'll become my toy"

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