"I just worry for him. He wasn't always like this dad. We use to be like a fairy tale." I mumbled in dads chest.

"Enough about him. Lets get you some breakfast and watch some Sunday morning tv." Dad said.

 I looked up at him and smiled with a nod. Mom was out today volunteering at the hospital. I sometimes wondered how I was related to my parents. Dad is a big burly manly man, mom is a sweet christian lady who volunteers religiously, and I am a cliche'd gay boy. Y'know my interests include drama, dance, singing, musicals, and well... men.

 The whole morning dad and I sat and talked a little while we ate some pancakes he cooked up. Then we sat in the living room, him in his recliner, and me on the couch. I layed down and cuddled with the throw blanket. Dad and I napped a little while watching the tv so when we woke up mom had finished her work.

We all had a nice lunch and mom looked at my faded bruises and my crooked nose. We talked a bit more about what I wanted to do with my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I wasn't too fond of living in a small town, but the city scared me. I was almost abducted by a pack of bikers on my way home.

 I considered going back to help Blake get better but they wouldn't hear it.

 Then I started to think. I had loved comic books and anime when I was a kid. I also remember writing a few graphic novels when I was a teenager. Maybe I could try my hand at that again. I did have fun. But then I started dating Blake who didn't think it was cool or cute. So he made me stop and join the cheer leading team.

 That was a traumatic experience, what with all the backlash, but Blake loved to private shows I put on for him. I even showed Jackson one when we were good friends, he thought it was hilarious since I purposely twerked horribly to make it goofy. After Blake found out he yelled and stopped talking to me. But then the next day Jackson didn't talk to me anymore. Now that I reminisce about it, I think Blake had a word or two with him.

 I told my parents that while I thought my life over, I would try to work my hand at graphic novels again. They were adamant that I would have to decide a real job since it is tough trying to break into the literary world.

 I agreed. I would have six months to try and get a book published or I would have to work at dads for the rest of my life. Well i'm not sure if I would but they said I would be back at a office job. Something practical.

 I honestly didn't know if I wanted to stay in this town. But it did have some pros.

 For one thing, my family and Jackson were here. Two, Blake wouldn't come here with my family and dad's friends protecting me.  

 After our long chat I was mentally exhausted so I decided to take a long bath and then get ready for my date with Jackson.

 As I sat in the tub I thought about what story I wanted to do. I wasn't really sure yet. Nothing seemed good enough or it all seemed to be done before. I didn't have much time to come up with an idea since I still have to write it out and draw everything. What would the characters look like?

 Maybe Jackson could give me some insight. I'll ask him on the date. Speaking of which, I had to get going.

 I quickly washed and got dressed. I ran around trying to grab everything I would need. When I got downstairs dad told me to stop running around. 

 I grabbed my keys and started to leave when dad stopped me and handed me a twenty dollar bill. I looked up at him with a puzzled look.

"Just a little cash." Dad said.

 I smiled and took it. It reminded me of my teenage years when dad use to hand me money for the mall or the movies. Well, before I came out. After that he looked at me as I went out with a questioning look on his face. He was probably wondering what I spent the money on.

 I pulled up the car at the parlor and got a few dirty looks and some words thrown my way from the drunk and redneck men loitering around back. I ignored them and walked in looking around for Jackson.

 I didn't find him and I kinda stood there not knowing what to do. Blake was always on time so I never had to do anything but follow him. Did I just go up and ask to be seated? What if Jackson shows up and waits for me at the door?

"Excuse me. I'm uh. I have a friend coming later, and I don't know. Uhm." I stumbled over my words as I talked with the teenage host.

He smiled and nodded then led me to a table and asked my name so he could lead my friend over to me when he arrived. 

 I waited for Jackson for over forty minutes before I decided to leave. He showed up just as I was about to do the walk of shame out the door, humiliated. He apologized and said he had a work related problem. 

"A call would have been nice." I shot out.

 Jackson just laughed and responded, "We're not even dating yet and you are already nagging me."

 I shot him a tired look to which he ignored. I asked him if he needed to reschedule when his phone kept ringing. 

"Nah, its all good."

 We had finally warmed up to each other and had just gotten our food and was laughing in the middle of a conversation when a man showed up and interrupted.

"Bailey. We need to talk. Now." The man said to Jacks without looking at me.

"Not now Brad." Jackson said under his breath.

"I'm not playing Bailey." Brad growled.

"Jackson its fine. I'll, uhm, we can do this again." I muttered nervously.

"Uh, no, no. Two minutes. You just go ahead and eat. I'll be right back." Jackson said as he stood up.

 He looked at Brad with an icy look and then looked at me with a sorry look on his face. I just slightly smiled and played with my straw in my drink.

 The two went out the door and I sat waiting for twenty minutes before I got a text from Jackson saying he needed to reschedule. I wondered if this was maybe payback for the years of pain I caused him. Or this was just a funny prank for him to play on me.

Then I wondered if he decided I just wasn't worth it anymore. Maybe he could tell how broken and ugly I really was. Maybe Blake really was the only one who would date me.

"Check." I said as I waved the waiter over.


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