Chapter Twenty Five

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Finally, the lesson ended. Professor Lark dismissed us with a smile and I left gratefully; the lesson was only a single but it was enough to almost have me asleep in mid-air.

From a corridor away, I could smell the next lesson; Alchemy. It smelt like rotten eggs and fire. I shuddered and held my breath as I approached the stinking classroom.

‘Eve!’ Simona called my name from behind me and I turned to see her running towards me. ‘I have this class, too!’ She explained, pulling open the heavy door.

A gust of horribly smelling air whooshed in my face and I wrinkled my nose.

Simona noticed the expression, ‘Don’t worry, you get used to it.’ She appeased, giving me empathetic smile. ‘You’re not allowed to use a nose numbing spell because of how much you rely on smell when mixing potions so we all have to suffer with you, anyway.’

I laughed with her, and she looked relieved. ‘What?’ I asked, as she breathed a sigh of relief.

‘You’re finally talking to me again.’

‘What do you mean? I talked to you this morning.’ I felt guilty as I said that, Simona must have noticed my slight coldness.

‘You know what I mean.’ She said, ‘Anyway, I’m glad you forgive me.’

I gave her a smile as we sat down on a wooden bench.

The teacher, a short man with white, mad-scientist hair introduced himself as Dr Timothy.

‘He looks a bit like one of the bobble-head Einsteins from Night at the Museum 2,’ I whispered to Simona as he began doing a demonstration for an elaborate health potion.

Simona gave me an odd look, ‘What’s that?’

‘A film.’ I explained incredulously, ‘It’s amazing!’

‘I was born in the non-magical side of Earth, and I still don’t understand humans’ fascination with ‘film’ and ‘games’ and facebooks-’

‘It’s facebook.’ I interrupted casually.

‘Facebook, whatever.’ Simona rolled her eyes at me, ‘What’s so fun about sitting in one place and staring at a screen? And instead of watching someone’s romantic life or whatever, why don’t you live it?’

I shuddered delicately, ‘That sounds way too active for me.’

She gave me a disgusted look, ‘Lazy bones.’

‘Hey!’ I elbowed her in her ribs. She rolled her eyes at me and dropped cactus leaf extract into the test-tube. ‘Anyway, I’m guessing you don’t have over-weight people in the ‘magical side’ of Earth; what with all the ‘living’ and ‘moving around’ you guys do.’ I said sarcastically.

Simona’s answer was to poke me with the stiff, dried up body of a lizard.

I never touched that school cardigan again.


Half an hour later and Simona and I left the classroom, each clutching a stoppered vial of cloudy white liquid; Vigoratus.

‘What do I do with this?’ I asked Simona, referring to my potion.

She shrugged, ‘I normally pour mine out; we can just use magic, can’t we? We don’t need these.’

I laughed, ‘Meh, this is my first spell; I might keep it.’


We left the main building and I stopped, ‘I might go to Prospectus for break. Is that okay with you?’

Simona gave me a conspiratorial grin, ‘Are you official yet?’

‘What?’ I asked, puzzled. ‘Oh! Me and Alfie? No! Of course not! He doesn’t like me in that way and I don’t like him in that way eith-’

‘Fine, fine!’ Simona held her hands up to me in surrender, ‘I apologise…’

I glared at her. ‘Good. Bye.’

She grinned in return and we parted, me heading east towards Prospero.

I arrived at the massive stone building and pushed the heavy door open, looking around in awe at the regal decorations and overall mood.

A pale boy swept past me and left the crypt-like (in temperature) anteroom through the door that was still swinging slightly.

I ignored him and climbed the stairs, trying to remember the way Alfie went last time we were here. He was on the second floor; room 23. I spotted a lift and stepped into it, before pressing ‘2’ and waiting.

A haunting piece of music played overhead, sending chills through my spine. I was glad when the lift stopped and let me out finally; the music was a little bit depressing.

So, here I am... showing my disgraceful, neglecting face again (metaphorically). I'm so sorry... I completely forgot, with a mixture of moving house and just having clouds fr a brain.

 :/ Anyway....

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