chapter 11: The king

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"So, you two wanna go somewhere?" Sans asks and you nod. Kendra meows before jumping off his shoulder and changing forms. Though the outfit she was wearing was different.

"Can we go see Asgore? It's been forever since I've seen him

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"Can we go see Asgore? It's been forever since I've seen him." She asks.
"Well I'm not so-" 
"Pleeeeeeease?" She interrupts him with big pleading eyes. He blushes and hides his face under the hood of his jacket.
"F-fine." He says but you can't help but feel jealous. 
"B-but Sans….. he might try to hurt me…." you look down at your feet. Both of them look to you then. You shift your weight back and forth as you continue to stare at the floor.
Kendra hugs you then. "Hey, fluffy buns won't hurt you. I'll make sure of it." You hug her back.
"Its scary though…." suddenly there's a set of bony arms wrapped around you and you feel the warping sensation of a shortcut. Next thing you know is that you're in a big gray room with golden flowers all through it. You see a door at the other end of the rim and Kendra looks around.
"Is this-"
"Hello? Is someone there?" You hide behind Sans. You were really scared. The voice seemed kind enough but you were unsure.
"Asgore?" Kendra asks as a large goat monster appears at the other side of the room. He was a lot like Toriel except with bigger horns and blonde hair. His eyes light up at the sight of her.
"Of course it's me." She walks around the flowers and then towards him.
"Sans…. I…. I don't feel safe….." you whisper to him.
"Relax, fluffy buns ain't gonna hurt ya." He says but you're still scared.
"It really is you. We'd thought you were lost……"
"I'd be dust right now if not for my friend here." She gestured to you and you squeak. Asgore narrows his eyes at you before starting towards you.
"What are you here for Mage?"
"Asgore! Enough of that. She wouldn't hurt a fly." You were shaking and staring at the large monster in fear. He continues to stare at you.
"I-I…… I just wanted to protect my sister….. w-we were being hunted……. they were going to kill her……… just like they did mom and dad…….. t-they already took her v-voice……" you start sobbing then and fall to your knees. All you wanted was for Frisk to be safe. She was your world. You feel Sans lean down and hug you and you cling to his arm. "P-please……. d-don't hurt her……" you were crying hard at this point. Your hands were shaking but then you feel another set of arms wrap around you.
"Asgore I can't let you hurt (Y/N) or her sister Frisk. I owe them my life. Plus Tori would dust me." Kendra says. You hear Asgore let out a strangled sound. 
"T-Tori knows them?" He asks and you start to calm down. 
"She does. She thinks of them like her own children." You hear a sigh and look at the large monster.
"Well… I guess I can give you two each a chance but-"
"You don't need their souls." Kendra interrupts him. He looks shocked before sighing.
"Right. Well, I must take a few moments to think."
"T-there's another way…." you sputter out. "I-it still takes the power of seven human souls to do but there's a spell….. I can do it if you give me time to prepare….." you look up to Asgore. "I-it will take a couple weeks though….." everyone's silent as that sinks in.
"What do you mean young one?" Asgore says.
"Any big spell like this has to have a breaking point to it. My family, as much as it pains me to say it, were the ones who made the spell….. I'm the only one who can do it since it's a spoken spell. Signing or magic circles like what Frisk does will not work. I want to help you. Please allow me to-" Asgore's phone starts to go off.
"One moment young one." He answers the phone then. "Hello Alphys. Yes of course I remember. No I have the second one here. Yes there might be a way to solve this without anymore violence. Wait, what do you mean the younger one is in Waterfall? Undyne will try to hurt her." Your head jerks at that and you get up.
"(Y/N), what are you-" Kendra starts but you're already running off. You run as fast as you can through the Underground. All you could think about was your little sister getting hurt by some unknown monster. You pass by a lab and see Sans sitting at a station but pay no mind to him until he drags you over using his magic.
"Hey kiddo, relax. No need to hurry, honestly I'm bone tired from looking for you." You squirm to get out of his magic.
"Let me go! I need to help Frisk! She's gonna get hurt!" You mutter a spell and your eyes flash before you're dropped down and are running again. You see Frisk running towards you with an armored fish running after her. You throw out your hand and yell one word. "Obice!" Making a barrier between Frisk and the monster. Your eyes continue to glow yellow as you hold the quick barrier spell in place. Frisk runs past you. "Get to Sans!" You yell to her and she nods."Don't you touch my sister! She's not something you get to hurt!" You yell at the Royal Guard Captain. "Incendium!" You yell as a wall of flames start burning between the two of you. You let the barrier drop and you run after Frisk, effectively ditching Undyne. 
You jog back to the station Sans was at earlier. You see Kendra hugging Frisk to her with Sans looking towards you. 
"You're using magic." Sans states.
"Just put up a little fire wall to make sure we'd be oka-" you feel Undyne pass through your magic and you whirl. You let the fire go out but your magic was still active. You see Undyne walking up to you all.
"You think you can stop me Mage?!" She yells at you and you flinch. You'd had that yelled at you so many times in the past.
"Yo, Undyne." Sans says and she looks at him.
"What do you want?"
"Asgore says that he doesn't want them hurt. (Y/N) there can break the barrier without any more violence." You hear small sobs coming from Frisk. "We all know you don't want to hurt kids." He says.
"I do what I have to Sans."
"You wont hurt my sister." You say in a strong voice. You wouldn't let her anywhere near your little sister.
"You little punk. Who do you think you are?"
"I'm (Y/N) one of the last two surviving members of the Helios clan. Someone who's been hunted for years. Someone who watched her parents, who were innocent of any wrong doing, be murdered. Someone who's had to take care of another living person for the past six years. Half of my sister's life and a third of mine. You don't know the pain others have gone through. You shouldn't judge so easily." You say and turn your back to her as you walk to Frisk. She tackles you into a hug and you cuddle her. "Easy sis. You're alright." You hear Undyne walk off.
"Woah kiddo. You really have a way with words." Sans says and you shrug.
"Was only telling the truth." You say and yawn. Today has been exhausting. 
"Asgore asked us to bring you two there." Kendra says and you nod.

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