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A and D (1)

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I could hear his voice yelling my name, telling me to wake up. But I didn't want to wake up. I just wanted to sleep. Couldn't he just leave me alone? Wasn't he getting tired of waking me up every single day of high school? I mean, I get that he was a morning person. But not all of us are. I know that he wanted to wake up early for us to catch the bus to school. That was why he also wakes me up early because I sleep 'til late. I also didn't and couldn't wake up early. I guess he thinks it was his job or something since my parents let me skip school to get some sleep. Didn't my parents rock?

Anyway, we'd been coming to school together since we were kids. After all, we lived next door and we were best friends. And – I don't know – I guessed it became a hobby of his to wake me up every morning if it was a school day. But he couldn't force me forever! He would eventually get tired.

What was more, it was getting way out of hand.

So I just ignored him and went back to sleep. Besides, there was nothing he could do that would surprise me anymore. He'd done literally almost every ploy to make me leave my cozy bed. I got used to every bit of it, and in the long run, I learned to ignore the tricks. Ho ho ho...

I sighed. He stopped yelling. Finally, some peace and quiet... Hmm... Wait a minute... What was that? What was that unsettling loud noise?

"Ugnnnhh..." I murmured. "Shut up," I moaned. "No no no no." Not that song, I thought. I covered my ears with my pillow, unsuccessfully drowning out the sound.

"Stop!" I complained.

But of course he wasn't going to stop playing that unbearable rap song. You see, I hated rap songs. I found rock music comforting; while rap music, I found disturbing. I didn't know why. I just did. And he knew how much I couldn't stand it. As bossy as someone like him, he just wouldn't give up.

All of a sudden, the noise became louder! As if it was in my room! Ugh! Then, I figured he must've had turned on the talkies – talkies were our nickname for walkie-talkies which we plastered on each of our bedroom walls so we can talk to each other non-stop through our windows. I couldn't believe he could think of something like this!

I bolted right up, dizzily grabbing my big square-rimmed glasses on the way. I turned on my talkie by the window and sleepily glared at the 6'2" lean-build seventeen-year-old guy who was wearing nothing but his jogging pants in his room. I can see him through his bedroom window exactly across mine.

"Alright, alright," I yelled through the noise. "I'm awake! You can stop the torture now."

He grinned. "Not until you get ready for school," he said.

Grrr. Could he be any more demanding?

"Wow," I said sarcastically. "I didn't know you could get that bossy, Dad."

"Do I look like an old dude to you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Of course not. You're the most handsome guy I have ever met. But I'm never going to admit that. Not to you, anyway.

"Oh, you're not? Huh. You sure as hell sounded like one," I said scornfully.

He stared at me. "Whose fault do you think it is?" he asked mockingly. "Just hurry up, D. Geez, it's the first day of senior year," he added, shaking his head.

"All the more reason not to wake up," I quickly replied. "Stop the music!"

"C'mon, stop being so melodramatic. It's just school," he shrugged, as though there was nothing wrong with it.

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