Twenty-seven I

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Hi guys! So, yeah...back after a long long long time. Hehe... 😁 😁

Just thought of typing something to let you know that yes I am back. Missed being here.

"Words in double quotes" - Talking

'Words in single quotes' - Thoughts

Moving on... 💃💃💃

Chapter Twenty - seven I

Just another normal day in the city of Kolkata.

The chirping of birds in the morning. The sun rising above the horizon, lighting up the world of nature. Daisies blooming, sunflowers smiling, water glistening, leaves dancing...


And of course, the daily complaint of our friendly neighborhood Ragini Gadodia, successfully managing to place a beautiful flat faced emotion on the faces of her family.

"I don't know, maybe because it is THE TIME OF MORNING, you lazy bird!"

Ragini rolled her eyes and removed the blanket from her face to glare at her sister. "That's because you're an oldie in the body of a 25 year old Swara Gadodia!"

"Well, since you're a year elder than me, that would make you much much older than me." Swara replied, a smirk gracing her features. "Careful Ragini dadiji, your teeth might fall off."

Ragini rolled her eyes. "You're not funny at all. allll!"

"Shut up. I'm hilarious!" Swara pulled off the blanket and pulled away Ragini's pillows. "Now get up or I'm eating the kheer Maa made."

Like a child being offered an ice-cream, Ragini's upside down frown turned into a happy grin. It didn't take another warning for her to leap off towards the washroom.


"Taki taki rumba! 🎶 "

Shramishtha smiled, while Shekhar's eye twitched knowing his peace in the morning was over and in history. Swara could care less. She was busy eating. Food was her best friend it seemed.

"Here comes the Indian Idol reject." Shekhar mumbled to himself. He sighed and put down his paper.

Shramishtha, seeing this, giggled. "Oh come on. She's not that bad at singing."

Shekhar nodded. "Of course not dear. Ragini's not that bad."

"Nice of you to agre-"

"She's worse than a frog croaking in the rain. No. Even that has a rhythm."

Swara snickered as she continued eating her breakfast.

"I heard that Baba." Ragini chided as she came to sit beside Swara. She pouted as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Look Baba, I'm trying my best to be as melodious as possible. Maa, tell him na!"

"Yes. Don't be hard on her. At least she's trying, give her credit for her effort."

Swara snorted. "Effort is given even by donkeys. Doesn't mean he can become a horse."

"Did you indirectly call me a donkey, Swara?"

Swara's grin disappeared seeing the dangerous look on her sister's face. 'Last time she put pink color in my shampoo for upsetting her. This could be WORSE! Back track, back track.' she smiled nervously. "Donkeys are Cute! Cute and helpful. That's what I meant. They're not unruly like horses. Have you heard them neigh all the time!? Oh my ears!!!"

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