Miss Amelia

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And so party life here Alfred comes! He never once thought in his entire useless life that he'd ever be invited to a party, one by popular people no less, yet here he was. Maybe there was a god out there! Ah but what to wear what to wear? He didn't really have an idea in mind, so he went to look around for some. On his old phone he scrolled through Pinterest and google searching for ideas until he found something decent. He planned to wear a wig, cover his face in makeup, and even a-a dress. Possibly. He was still trying to decide. Alfred just wanted to fit in and do something different, so off he went to buy the clothes.

  One hundred dollars worth of halloween shopping later and Alfred had everything he needed. He gulped, hands trembling as he stared in his mirror. Halloween was the one night of the year when you could be someone else, and that is exactly what he'd do. Alfred checked the time and noted that he still had a few hours before it got dark. He gulped and decided to test the look, seeing as he had to wear it. On went the wig, make up and fake earrings. Next came the dress, jacket and stockings. Finally the boots, tail and cat ears. Alfred shyly walked over to the mirror and flushed. He...he looked...good? The ore the top make up, the out there style, and the wig made him look like a completely different! Alfred leaned forward and stared at himself in the mirror before mumbling,

  "I think I'll name you Amelia..." he said and smiled at himself. For once, Alfred felt okay with the way he looked. The entire outfit made him seem so...so pretty "I look pretty..." he whispered and smiled more. Alfred held up his phone, made a face and snapped a picture. He looked great! So you know what he did next? Made an Instagram, posted it, and captioned it 'Can't wait for this party #halloween2020'. Alfred had also tagged his friends accounts. Of course no one would know it was him, but still he felt nice. Alfred felt confident as Amelia. He put his phone down and smiled as he began to undress and clean himself up. He had turned off his phone and showered before deciding to eat a small meal and get a drink. That whole ordeal had taken a couple of hours, and when he came back his phone was absolutely blowing up!

Apparently he had gone viral! Well, semi viral within his school, because his comments were full of 'who is this' and 'she's so hot'! His face flushed as more and more comments came in. Girls and guys alike were questioning who this random person was! And it was Alfred! He gave a warm smile as he stared and giggled, jumping on his bed "p-people want to know about me! Well, not me-Amelia-but still! Me! People like me." He happily said and read through them. There was comments from everyone! And with everyone...that meant even the people who bullied him.

Eyebrows: Bloody hell shes hot

Vodka: ^J^

Frenchh_fry: Why don't we meet up sometime Miss Amelia~

Alfred felt weird seeing his bullies actually like him...but he couldn't help but like the mystery of being a girl! He smiled and plugged in his phone, shutting it down before curling up in bed and falling asleep. He finally felt happy with himself for once.
Helloo~ what's this? A consistent update? Yes lol. Amelia and alfie will be best friendssss~ also! I wanna write an omegaverse fanfic bc I love it 🥺. So yeah, I'll put it out soon ish. Enjoy the updates my babies

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