Giddy up Cowboy

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A/N: All I write and read is boyxboy.  So if you do not like that kind of thing then I suggest you stop right here. But you never know you might actually like it. If you do take the risk and read no negitive comments, you were warned. I am going to try my hand at humor this time around. This is only my second story so I may not be new but I am still growing. I think I am in that cute puppy stage you know the part where they chew up everything so I will do my best not to destroy this.


Hello my name is Brayden Mathews, my friends call me Bray. I am 18 and have just graduated high school. Woohoo go me. Anywho, like I was saying. Hi, Bray here. I am hoping to have an epic summer before I leave for college. My friends and I (You'll meet them later, right now it is about me.) are going to have so much fun. I live in a little town in northern Indiana. I like to call it a podunk town. And I swear there isn't more then corn in Indiana. I truly hate corn. So as I was saying my friends and I are going to have a fun summer. We are actually leaving this podunk town and heading west to my grandmothers house and no it is not Christmas and we are not going through any woods. She lives in Wyoming actually. The three of us, myself and my two besties will be leaving in two days. My mom my one and only parental unit is off to get married to her long lost boyfriend or something like that so she isn't going to miss me. My sperm donor left when I was like six or something. I don't remember but my mom said I look just like him. That sounds so sad. I am about five foot eleven with brown hair I keep in a messy but short do. I have hazel eyes that like to change with my moods. Don't come near me it they are more of a yellow because that means I am pissed off. Oh and I am 100% gay and I love me for that. Go me! I love random and I talk to anyone and anything just so you know.

Okay so let me tell you a little about my best friends. There is Andrea Streeter but don't call her Andrea unless you want punched in the face. She likes Andy so please for you faces sake call her Andy. She is a spit fire. She can be sweat as candy or meaner then hell so be careful. She is a little short about five foot five but don't let that foul you she can still beat your ass. She has long blond hair and is think and juicy. Then there is Buford Burr but don't call him Buford either he goes by Ford. He is oh so sexy and oh so straight. Six foot three and a bald head well not bald but close enough. No I don't have a crush on Ford nor do I like his older or younger brothers same goes for Andy's sibs.  As of right now i am single and ready to mingle but have nobody in my sights. I am hoping to find a hunka hunka burning love in Wyoming. Back to Ford. He is sweet heart who is secretly in love with Andy but she doesn't see it. He don't even know I know, hell I don't even know if he knows.

So that is all you need to know for now about us. You will learn more as we go.

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