Young love

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 The sad part is, is that I know how it feels to be left in the dark by the man of your dreams. I was that girl that took his breath away when I walked in the room. I was that whore that every girl dreamed about being. I was that girl that everyone resented, I was the girl I wish I could still be.

In the arms of my beloved feeling safe as can be. Freely being as stupid as I wanted without having to think twice well because he would just play along with anything I did just so he could see my perfect white teeth and my cheeks rosy as can be and my dimple so deep in my cheek you could practly see the in side of my mouth.

When we were on tour and he would be on stage and as soon as he jumped off he would run as fast as he could just to have me in his arms again. I loved seeing him do what he loves on stage and watching his face light up with excitement. After all the excitement we would go back to the tour bus and hang out with the boys but, of course we would cuddle and he would rub my feet and the boys would joke but his response would be “She is my queen if I want to keep her perfect self next to me I have to treat her as one”

He knew I have self esteem issues and depression but he would do anything to make me feel perfect and feel like I had something to live for. I had his beautiful face smiling at me square in  the face every morning when I was the ugliest but he would say “C you are soo beautiful good morning love” I would melt hearing his deep raspy voice say those words every morning. A simple kiss on the cheek and a good luck whisper would make him light up before a concert. Being him he would say “ I don’t need luck I just need you to come to after”

Those where the good days, now I spend my days laying in my bed waking up at 3 p.m. going to work then home again. Not touring on the bus having Jinxxs, Ashley, Christan, Jake and Andy to see everyday. Honestly, I missed just having those boys to be more like my brothers I mean Andy and I where together for 4 years. 4 years of my life I wouldn’t change for the world.  4 years I wish I could go back to…Now I bet y’all are wondering what happened to us, long story short he cheated on me with Juliette Simms.

She was skinner than me and she was more open to do anything. She's actually a whore. I get texts from the guys all the time saying "Andy needs you back, we're going crazy with that slut...if Andy doesn't get you back we will all date you!" I laugh everytime I read those texts, I mean i wouldn't mind going back but she would go six feet under. They all know that including Andy...Now I bet y’all are wondering what happened to us, long story short he cheated on me with Juliette Simms. One day I was on a tour with them and I went in the back  and she got a back stage pass. She was touching him and kissing him so what I did being the over protective person I am I socked her and basically made her ugly. I was proud at the time…but I lost all the respect from Andy but he was lucky that the boys grabbed me in time or I would’ve made him ugly too. I shouldn’t be proud of that. No one should.

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