Bella's twin sister (jasper hale love sory

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oh wow i am so sorry gosh i hate homework here is chapter 4 sorry it took so long to get out i promise chat\pter 5 today also. random thinking of the day i had the best time at comfermation i mean we have the funnest people.

Chapter 4

I woke up and looked at my alarm clock. I sat there and glared at it for waking me up at 8:25 in the morning.

I just grabbed a pair of jeans and a tee before taking out a sharpie pen and my picture. I traced every line of it. Every now and then I would wipe my hand across my face. I looked up and I had 15 minutes to cheek my e-mail. When I get back home from work I will finish tracing it and add some color.

I crutched my way down stairs and grabbed a sandwich. "See yeah Bella, be back around 4:30." It was now noon.

"Wait, Emma-"she was cut off by me slamming the door. I jumped in the pickup and took off. It was a good thing I broke my left leg and not my right.

When I got there I was just on time. The day went by slow I had to sit and bag items. There was this old lady who kept yelling at me for not putting them in right.

Then another lady who wouldn't shut up, and then the guys kept coming in here to tell talk to Jake and Embry. Every once and a while one of them would whistle at me. I just glared at them. Every now and then when no one was in here I would read a book.  

Jake and Embry were on duty with me today. This was the only day I was with Embry or Jake. I loved the both of them but they both also make me want to strangle them.

"So, Lee, how did you break your leg?" Embry asked. I rolled my eyes at his stupid nic-name for me. He came up and pulled the book away from me.

"I fell down a flight of steps and broke it cleanly trough. Shouldn't Quil have told you that already?" I said. This was like the day I broke it all over again. Explaining it over and over again drove me crazy, me and my stupid clumsy feet.

"Well, he did, but we wanted to know if that was true." Embry said. I sighed and used my good foot to jump up on the counter.

"Stupid idiot boys always having to know what's right." I mumbled under my breath.

"Hey can I sign it?" both Jake and Embry yelled at the same time.

"Fine, but just your names and no stupid remarks or something." I told them. They took out a sharpie and signed their names nice and big. I smiled at that. They were always ready to do things within the limit.

"So, how's Forks treating you?" Embry asked.

      "Hmm, just like any other place I suppose." I replied. It wasn't uncommon for me to break something when I moved. Like when I moved in with Bella I broke my collar bone and 2 ribs and it was only a short was away.

"And how would that be?" Jake asked me.