chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Allison (age:16) excactly 9 years later

     I was at my grandma's tombstone again and I was just thinking about the day of her funeral and how I thought something was watching me.  I couldnt help help but think "what was it".  I thought maybe it was my grandma, but then i remembered how scared i was and even if my grandma was dead she wouldn't have scared me.  I started talking to her.  I wished she could talk back.  Then when i was done telling her how much i missed her i left. When I was walking home i had that feeling that someone was watching me again. Then i got really scared so i ran as fast as i could.

     When i got home i went straight to my room and found my old dream catchers and put them all over my room.  It was late so i went to bad because i thought i would be safe. 

I woke up at 1:15 a.m. and couldnt go back to sleep so i started to read. then i heard a sound.  So i went to see if my parents were up, and they weren't.  I went back down into the basement where my bedroom was, and started reading again.  Then i heard the noise again.  "Is anyone there" I asked aloud.  No answer. I was getting scared. "WHO IS THERE" i screamed.      

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