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"Dream! Stop, I'm trying to edit--"

"What?? I'm not doing anything." 

George tried to be assertive, but it was hard when he couldn't stop giggling from flustered embarrassment. 

He was sat lazily on the couch with a laptop hanging overtop his legs. George's hands were meticulously tapping away at the keys--or atleast, trying to. If Dream would stop messing with him.

And by messing with George, that meant pressing up against his side. Leaning deeply into him, melding their bodies together in a bundle of warmth amidst the cold house. It also meant whispering all of his words into George's ear, tracing his fingers in lazy circles over his thigh.


"Dreammmm, I haven't posted a video in forever, I need to focus."

Dream let out a hearty chuckle, "What? Is it a crime to lie on the couch with my husband?"

"Yes, big crime. Highly illegal, elicit activity; especially when GeorgeNotFound is trying to edit." George declared.

"Why? Am I distracting you?" Dream, that bitch, purposely lowered his voice in a seductive tone, trailing his fingers suggestively over George's shorts. "Making you want something?"

George's breath hitched and his heart panged as he finally shut his laptop and stared into Dream's playful eyes. Summoning an ounce of courage, two can play this game.

"But what about you, Dream?" George pushed himself onto Dream, bringing a hand at his jawline.

"W-what?" now that was a rare sight; Dream getting flustered.

"I'm sure you want me to touch you all over, make you mine," he raspily whispered, "get you on your knees for me,"

Dream's expression was everything. His eyes were widened and his cheeks had considerably darkened. His mouth was dumbly opening and closing, thinking everything but being unable to say anything. It was a rare sight to see Dream get flustered. 

"C'mon, step Dream,"

There was silence...and then a burst of laughter.

"GEORGEEE!!!!" Dream wheezed, "nooooo!!!"

George snickered, "Your face!"

Dream buried his head in George's sweatshirt, trembling with laughter. "I can't, dude. I can't."

"God, I don't know how you can casually talk like that to me all the time," George admitted.

Dream only snorted in response, still reeling from the previous words. 

"So, how're you feeling?" Dream asked, intertwining their hands together. George flushed at the action; how natural it was. How natural all of this was. Dream was a very touchy person before, but now that they were truly in a relationship, Dream's physical contact with him had increased tenfold. Not that I'm complaining, though.

"I can't stop thinking about food. It's so dumb, we ate lunch like ten minutes ago and I'm full, but I still want to eat the entire fridge." George admitted, frustrated.

"Aw, that's understandable. Your hunger signals are gonna be messed up for a while, the doctor said it's normal in the first few months of recovery," Dream leaned his head on George's shoulder, "Do you wanna go for a walk? Take your mind off stuff?"

"That's not a bad idea," George hummed.

"But before that...would you wanna go upstairs?"

 George could feel his face flush darker at the insinuation. "Yeah"

"Aww you're blushing! You do that a lot,"

"I can't control it!" George huffed.

"Mm, don't worry about it. It's cute." Dream smirked.

As if George wasn't red enough already, Dream had to go and call him cute. 

In a sudden change of subject, Dream mumbled, "Can't believe it's been two months already."

George perked up, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah, I guess. It's weird to think about."

"Every time I lie on your chest, I always make sure I can feel your heartbeat," Dream admitted, "Just in case."

George brought his hand to Dream's hair, slowly running his fingers through the various waves and curls. "I'm not going anywhere, Dream. I promise."

He smiled. "I know."



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Just wanted to thank all of you that read this and stuck through till the end!!! It means alot, all the comments are so nice (and some of them are really funny lmao, how are yall so clever??) 

The last chapter was lowkey soooo hard to write. It's always difficult to wrap things up. I rewrote the chapter atleast 2 times...originally was planning to kill off George. But 1000 words into it, it was actually too sad. Like, it would be more realistic, but damn it was depressing to read over. so i changed it and that took a while


Really, really need to say this clearly: If you're even thinking of engaging in disordered eating behaviors, please tell someone. This shit ruins your life. 

I am writing this book from personal experience, and bulimia in real life is a million times worse than how it's depicted in the book. I just didn't want to write it that graphically. 

But seriously, it's so worth it to get professional help and confide in your loved ones when your struggling with an eating disorder. I know it's scary, but it's so much better when you can live a life without constantly thinking about food and your body. Don't wait to get help when your 'ready', because you'll never be ready. Talk to people you trust (if it's not your parents, maybe an aunt or cousin, or school counselor...anyone) it'll be okay :)

Anyways...last thing: I'm definitely thinking of making another DNF book! Not a sequel or anything to this book, something completely different. honestly rn i have this vague idea of something i want to write, but im still hesitant about some stuff. 

final note; yeah, the title of the book was named after the song Orange Juice by Melanie Martinez. its a neat song


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