Chapter 1 Help from an unlikely stranger

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You stumbled through the pouring rain and lightning. Your vision hazy your thoughts clouded. All you could think about was getting out of the rain. You had no intention of completing the Queen's mission if these were the conditions. You thought back to her request...


"Y/N I need you to go and investigate some rather interesting people for me." There was a smirk on her face.

"Yes your majesty, I shall carry out this order with honor."


With honor huh? Wearing cloths like this pinning my hair up and acting like a guy... Takes real honor. You smirked to yourself, and let yourself sink into the darkness. The last thing you saw was a black club and a mysterious grin from an unknown stranger.

Geez I ended it here because I was tired XD and because I'm sure not many have read this yet...

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