Grace doesn't Giggle.

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(Pic is Grace) (This is the reason Grace (My Best Friend) hates giggles)

(In this month Grace would be 6 because her birthday is in september so I just rounded her age up)

it was early 2007

(Okay can we just stop and say 2007 is as far away as 2023)

It was early 2007 Monday the 8th of January (I actually googled this day it was real) at about 4:23pm central time, Grace was on the family desktop and saw her older sister Claire had left her twitter page open. Grace took advantage of this by tweeting all sorts of embarrising things.

'I just farted and my crush just walked in...'

'i really like going comando'

'I once snorted actual coca-cola thinking it was coke.'

'I may be 11 but i suck my thumb and sleep with all the lights on'

'My crush is @somerandomtwitternamehere he's soooooo cute'

Things like that. Knowing Claire couldn't snitch on here becuase no 11 year old is allowed on twitter in the McCarthey house. Suddenly her 9 year old brother Bobby came in

"Bobby come see what i just did!" Grace smilled a toothless smile seeing her brothers reaction.

'Omg Gracie Claire's gonna get you back for that.' Bobby was scared if this is what Grace did to her sister what did she do to him.

Grace wasn't scared. Claire isn't allowed on twitter so Grace can always blackmail her.

A few days pasted it's 3pm and Claire is Babysitting the 7 and 9 year old's.Their parents are planned to be back any time now. Grace is laying on her floor coloring when she feels something furry on her leg...

"Tank" Grace thinks it's just the dog, boy was she in for a surprise. She feels the fuzzy feeling crawl further up her leg and she finally turns back to see that Bobby's class tarantula Mrs. Giggles, he got it for the week, Grace screamed the loudest she has ever screamed (she doesn't even scream that loud in bed ;) inside joke) luckily for her, her parents just started walking up the stairs to her room, they took the spider off her and all of the truth was told.

Thus being the reason why Grace hates the world Giggle(s).

they all lived (except mrs. giggles cause this is a bullshit story that i made up but hey! or is it hi?)

(1 of many stories to come)

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