17 | The Spookiest of Seasons

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'Rosie!' my sister screeched as she burst through my front door

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'Rosie!' my sister screeched as she burst through my front door.

Her arms were outstretched as she shot forward to suffocate me into a hug, and within seconds, she was talking at a million miles an hour to discuss the night's plans. As Harriet nattered away into the living room, her fiance quietly shuffled into the hallway with a roll of his eyes.

'Hey, Alex.' I laughed as I stood on my tip-toes to hug him.

Harriet's excitement was reignited at the sight of Dharsheni. She was painting Halloween make up onto her face, and was awkwardly positioned on the sofa beside the window to catch the dying daylight. As they both squealed over Dharsheni's engagement ring, Alex shuffled towards the second hallway to dump his and Harriet's suitcases into the spare bedroom.

Within the following hour or so, the four of us had changed into our outfits for the night. The party officially kicked off at seven, and Harriet and Alex's costumes were as incredible as ever. They were dressed as Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and there was no questioning Harriet's successful career as an artist. She'd painted herself and Alex from head to toe, and drawn details so intricately onto their faces that the ordinary person would've unlikely noticed, but I could've stared at for hours.

Isabella was in Spain with family, so Dharsheni's couple outfit burden had fallen onto me. She was a devil while I was an angel, and she'd tried to force me down the Victoria Secret angel route to, as she phrased it, make Casper's dick cry with longing via social media. I'd turned down her suggestion because I didn't feel especially enthusiastic about wandering around my apartment in my underwear, but I'd somewhat given in with a white tennis skirt and a white, lacy bodysuit. I'd also requested Harriet paint my make up as ethereal rather than scary. I felt like I was betraying everything Halloween stood for, but I'd also never felt prettier, so I wasn't mad. 

Dharsheni was feeling a little down due to the lack of Isabella, so I'd nursed her with several Jagerbombs while we were getting ready. I was in the midst of a course of antibiotics after a tooth infection, so was avoiding alcohol that night, but I forced a few Jagerbombs down Harriet and Alex's throats. Alex despised the stuff, and the poor man had to tug at the back of his slicked back hair just to get it down his throat. As always, though, he was a complete star and humoured me without a complaint or a slither of hesitation.

People started trickling in from around seven fifteen, most of whom were mine and Harriet's university friends and Dharsheni's colleagues. Dharsheni and I had spent the short period between returning home from work and Harriet and Alex's arrival to decorate the apartment with fake spiderwebs and hanging ghost lights. I'd also pre-cooked party snacks the night before, which took a considerably long time to unwrap and display across various kitchen and living room surfaces. My bedroom was an out-of-bounds zone, but the rest of the apartment was a free for all.

A little before eight-thirty hit, I was taking a photo of Dharsheni and some of her work friends when a message notification popped up on my screen, which I immediately clicked into.

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