16 | Quarter-Life Crises

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Halloween was creeping closer, and I couldn't help questioning how the hell October had slipped right under my nose

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Halloween was creeping closer, and I couldn't help questioning how the hell October had slipped right under my nose. I could've sworn summer had just ended, yet November was fast approaching with no sign of things slowing down anytime soon. Halloween was without doubt my favourite holiday, and probably explained my teenage emo phase, which lasted a few years longer than it should've. Since my early uni days when I first started living in my grandmother's apartment, I'd thrown the most epic Halloween parties, and this year was no different.

Harriet had already bugged me about it because she was just as big of a Halloween fanatic as I was, and as I was yet to orchestrate mine and Finn's imaginary breakup, she'd sent me numerous couples costume ideas for the big night. I'd dug myself a rather deep hole because in an ideal world, I would've invited Casper to the party, but then if I was being perfectly honest, Halloween felt like more of a Finn-esque holiday than a Casper-esque one. I supposed I didn't mind it that much, especially not when Casper mentioned his plans to attend a friend's party in Bristol the same night I'd planned mine. I'd sent Finn a message asking him if he was free the night of my party, but was yet to receive a reply.

It was the Friday before Halloween, and Casper and I had left the office together for dinner at mine. Nothing had been done regarding the personal relationship complaint Stuart, who'd now openly admitted it was him, had raised to Mike. I hadn't even had to ask him. He'd overheard me complaining to another colleague about having to transfer to a different office and had decided to butt himself into the conversation.

'You shouldn't be fucking our boss, then,' he'd scoffed, which earned him a glass of water to the face courtesy of me, and thereafter a disciplinary courtesy of Mike.

After the event, I'd moved to a different desk within the office because I might well have committed a brutal murder if I'd had to remain beside Stuart. I was gripping onto the King's Cross office by the skin of my teeth, but it was looking like I'd be moved to Victoria. That location was admittedly more convenient, but I was nowhere near happy about it.

When Casper and I arrived at the apartment, I popped my head into the living room to see Dharsheni spring to her feet and stammer. Isabella, who'd booked the day off work, was sitting on the carpeted floor opposite the coffee table, and there were papers splayed out across the glass top.

'Everything alright?' I laughed as Casper removed his shoes in the hallway.

Dharsheni continued stammering as I lowered my eyes to the mess on the table, and I scanned the papers to see black and white images of home interiors framed by small paragraphs and bullet points. Even if I wasn't so familiar with them in my day job, it was clear they were  property listings.

'Sorry, I—Belle and I were actually going to mention it the day after—Uh,' she rambled as her eyes glanced at Casper, who passed by me to plop onto the sofa beside the one Dharsheni had jumped from. 'The day after we visited that ship with a bar, but y'know, with the drama of it all, we sort of postponed it.'

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