CheaterCheaterBestfriendEater ~Chapter 8~

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The next day, Stacy wanted to re-do her questions to make sure they were perfect and not too difficult to answer. The trip to London was scheduled for Sunday afternoon, which was two days from now.

After Stacy had made sure that her interview questions were perfect, she decided that she should probably pay Jamal a visit. She looked in her closet for a T-shirt and jeans. She pulled out an Ed Hardy T-shirt and Apple Bottom jeans.

She got in her Mustang and drove to Fortinos to get a cake or something for dessert.

 "Hello, how may I help you?" asked the baker behind the counter.

 "Hi, can I have a small Carrot Cake."

 Carrot cake was Jamal's favourite, although it is the fattiest cake in the whole entire universe.

"Would you like any writing on it?"

"No thanks."

 The lady behind the counter put out the cake and in return Stacy gave her $20. She got back in her car and carefully placed the cake in the front seat.

As Stacy was driving a man in a Green Honda Civic cut her off.

 "Mother fucker!" Stacy shouted.

The man didn't seem to hear her. She rolled down her window and stuck out her arm raising her middle finger.  As she approached the traffic lights she turned to make a left.

Stacy heard something fall as she turned. Jamal's house was only 30 seconds away, so she waited until she pulled into his driveway. When she pulled in she saw that the cake was no longer in the passenger seat, but on the floor.

The box had opened and the cake was all over her car. It smelled like carrot cake.

 "Fuck my life." Stacy said to herself.

She just got out of the car and went up the steps and rang the doorbell.

DING DONG! After 10 seconds of waiting outside, Jamal answered the door.

 "Hi, Stacy!" Jamal seemed excited to have company.

"Hey, Jamal. Just thought I'd stop by and talk for a while."

 "That's not a problem at all, come in."

Stacy walked into the house and took off her Black and White Converse.

"So I heard you were applying for a job at Toronto Star." Jamal said trying to start up a conversation.

"Yup, I got the job as an interviewer."

"That's great! Have you started yet?"

 "Yeah, I'm actually going to London, England on Sunday to interview a band called Demonic Destruction."

 "Oh, I've heard of them!"

 "Are they any good?"

"They're alright, not my style of music though."

Jamal took out his laptop and went on Youtube. He typed in "Demonic Destruction" and a bunch of videos came up. He clicked on the first one and it started to play.

 "I never knew they were a screamo band." Stacy said with a smirk.

 "Ha ha, yup, you should ask this lead singer how the hell he keeps his voice screaming all the damn time."

"Maybe I should ask if he's ever gotten any noise complaints from neighbours." Jamal and Stacy started laughing and engaged in a conversation about the band.

"I think we should order some food, it's almost lunch." Suggested Jamal.

 "Yeah sure" Stacy said feeling bad because she didn't have the intention of coming over to make Jamal order food for her.

 "Is Indian food alright?"

"Yeah sure"

Stacy didn't like Indian food much. The food is pretty tasteless without the 2905723052075 spices they put on everything.

"Hi, can I order 1 large chicken, curry in packets please, not on the chicken. Thank you."

 Stacy could over hear Jamal in the kitchen ordering the food. Good thing he didn't ask for the curry on the chicken because Stacy hated curry. Jamal loved it though.

45 minutes later, the doorbell rang. Jamal answered and got the food. He placed it on the coffee table in the middle of the living room. He then grabbed two paper plates and plastic forks and knives. He cut a piece for Stacy and a piece for himself.

"Curry?" Jamal asked.

"Oh, no thanks."

"Good thing I asked for it in packets". Jamal said giggling.

 Jamal took all the packets and opened them. He then put them all on his one piece of chicken. It stunk really badly.

When Stacy and Jamal finished eating they started watching TV and talked again. Jamal's breath smelled really bad.

"So I was watching the Discovery Channel once and...."

 Stacy couldn't even pay attention to what Jamal was saying, his breath smelled terrible.

"Hey, sorry, I have to get going, I've got to work on those interview questions some more" Stacy lied.

"Alright, come back anytime." Jamal said.

Stacy put on her Converse and left the house. As she opened the door to her Mustang, she remembered what had happened with the cake.

 "Fuck". Stacy said quietly.

She drove back to her house and saw another car parked in her driveway. Who could it be?


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