along came you

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"Pssst, Jill the sixth one"

Fae's boot connects with my chair and there is a loud bang. Heads turn my way. Miss Roberts glares at me from across the room. Blond haired Patricia looks pointedly at my sneakers and raises her almost invisible brows at me.

i sigh softly and check my sixth question of our test. the answer is the third option so i run three fingers repeatedly through my hair for Fae who sits behind me.

Five minutes later another set of heads swivelled my way because Fae, ever so subtle just asked me the ninth answer.

After class, Fae and i walk towards the caferia and i tell her, "the history paper was pretty easy."

"yeah quite" is her nonchalant reply as the shows me a recent picture of her and her boyfriend, Gabriel on the moon.

"except for the sixth, ninth, tenth, fifteenth......." i say in a teasing tone as i continue to flip through pictures of them on mars and other places only Fae can transport people to.

Fae looks at me and grins "everything but those"

Fae pockets her phone and we reach the cafeteria. she waves and blows a kiss to Gabriel. he waves back and motion us to join him. Fae turns to me, "want to head there?"

i look at gabe's table jam packed with testosterone fuelled guys of every size and shake my head, "not that badly". Fae nods and we head towards our friends table while i search for my boyfriend.

he finds me first. "hey babe" and plants a slight kiss on my cheek.

Fae cheerily replies before me, "hey Ryan, heard you ditched Jill yesterday"

"well you heard wrong, Jill here ditched me and ran away with someone with a tattoo."

Ryan has his hand slung over my shoulder and smells like old spice and mint. it is one of the things i like best in him. Fae looks at me expectantly.

"i did ditch him for a guy with a tattoo only, he happens to be my dad" i tell Fae, then i look at Ryan clearly for the first time all day.

Ryan Jose is i have to say one of the hottest guys at school. he has sandy brown hair, light brown eyes, wide cheekbones and a days stubble which gives him the bad boy edge. he's wearing a dark blue button down shirt with the top few buttons popped giving a nice view of his abs.

"hey you" i say with a flirtous smile and run a hand through his hair.

"hey" he says throatily, "are we still on for today?"

Ryan and i were going for a movie night which got post poned due to my dads surprise arrival.

By this time we had reached our table and i was standing by my chair with Ryan looming over me.

"um, yeah" i gave hima quick kiss and my frinds 'ohhhhed' and 'ahhhhed'. i sat down in my chair and Ryan greeted the others with a "hello ladies".

My friends were positively swoonng.

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