Chapter 5

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This was Harry's first time taking care of someone in subspace, though it wasn't his first time hearing about it. Every dominant is schooled to become experts about both what it means to be a dominant, and a submissive. Most of the boys and girls would moan and groan when they were taught about taking care of their submissive, and not in a good way, but Harry could not have been more grateful that he had learned those things now that it had come down to it.


The 25 year old was extremely wealthy from family ties. In fact, he would consider himself a millionaire, but he didn't ever use it for anything that wasn't needed, so he knew he would never have to work; never have to leave Louis' side if he didn't spend it on things that were stupid.

He knew his baby was extremely out of it upstairs, deep in subspace, so he made the boy hot chocolate and grabbed him one of his bigger sweaters before walking up the stairs. He knocked lightly on the door and waited a few seconds before walking in to see that the boy was laying on the bed, sleeping silently, and curled into a ball.
Knowing that Louis was out cold and wasn't in harms way, he walked quietly to the bathroom and picked up a washcloth, dampening it with warm water. He went back to the room and started wiping off Louis' body, and paying special attention to his shoulder and arse. He was glad that the shoulder wasn't as hurt as it had first looked when it was properly cleaned.

He went to his drawers once again and grabbed a small princess plug with a bright blue gem on the handle. Inserting the plug into Louis' hole, he patted it lightly with his finger tip and watched Louis' arse cheeks squeeze at the cold metal, instinctively trying to pull it further into his body in his sleep.
He knew by the size of the plug Louis was wearing before that Louis could have taken a bigger plug with no problem, but he didn't know if Louis would want to be full while he was in subspace so he kept it small.
He sat Louis up and slipped the giant sweater over his head, sliding on the boxers as well; knowing fully that Louis probably wouldn't want to wear them, but also knowing that he would need something other than his pre-come soaked panties.


Louis woke slowly, looking around with glossy eyes, and Harry knew that he hadn't slept off the subspace. He looked thoroughly confused as to what was going on, but his face lit up when he saw Harry, trying to get to his dominant, but ending up just rolling over onto his stomach.

Harry heard him whine high in his throat, and seeing his shoulders start to shake, he quickly leant down to him and rolled him over to his back; sitting him up. He kissed him lightly and smiled down at him, finding it hard not to stare at the beautiful sight before him.

The sub had a vacant expression on his face and messy hair, looking at him with loving admiration as Harry picked up the hot chocolate that was now lukewarm. He tried handing it to the boy, but to no avail as he seemingly wouldn't take his attention off of Harry's face.
The dominant, having already formed an extremely soft spot for Louis, held the cup to Louis' lips and smiled brightly as the liquid went down his throat. He took away the cup and wiped Louis' cheeks, taking away the few tears that had fallen from when he couldn't get to his Harry.

Louis quickly fell forward onto Harry and wrapped his arms flaccidly around the larger's body, nuzzling his head into Harry's chest. Normally he wouldn't do this as he didn't know his place with Harry, nor did he know if Harry liked to be touched or when he could touch him, but his mind failed to let him think about anything other than HarryHarryHarry and so he let it be, falling back to sleep wrapped snuggly against the bigger boys side.

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