Chapter Forty (Part 1)

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This song gave me the feels while writing this. I might as well share it here! I recommend listening to it while reading this chapter.

Leo's POV

I sat down, looking at him. I smiled. "So? How are you? What have you been up to besides of taking my wife away? Hm?" I asked with a chuckle, downing another glass of alcohol. "Leo, you are completely insane. Let me go." he replied back sternly.

There he was, tied down on the chair. Helpless. I combed my hand through my raven hair. It had gone a bit curly, it was from all the stress I had dealt with finding (y/n).

I adjusted my turtle neck, letting my back rest on the rusty chair. "Oh brother, you have to try harder than that," I laughed as it echoed throughout the room. "Thought you'd greet me with pecks on the cheek and a kiss on the hand like you did to my wife." I growled lowly, wanting to throw the glass cup at him.

The image buried inside my head. He smiled for a few moments but his smile eventually turned into laughter, I only looked as he laughed. "So that's it Leo? You're such an imbecile." he glared. My hand wanted to squeeze the glass cup and make it shatter into pieces, but it didn't.

I threw it at him as he turned to his left, the glass cup hitting his right cheek. It broken into pieces when it hit the floor. I looked up at him. He looked back and smiled, "You're a lost soul Leo, I pity you." Dean said. I furrowed my brows, "Lies you people tell, I'm used to it." I replied back. "I'm not one of those whores you sleep with, Leo." he said as he rolled his eyes.

I smirked. I walked towards him as I put both of my hands to both side of the chair. "You'll never understand anything, Dean." I said sternly. He sway his head side to side slowly, "My love for you as my brother will never fade, Leo. You can't even understand your own feelings. Come back to us, Leo," he said as he stared at me with a small smile.

"Come back with mother, you'll eventually know what you really feel." he finished. I could see the tears forming from his eyes, his nose going red. I backed away. "Save it, Dean." was the only thing I could say as I turned away and went to the door. "I love you, Leo. You will always be my little brother." he shouted, making me freeze.

I took a deep breath as I opened the door and went out, shutting it behind me. I walked through the old, abandoned home. The wood floor was creaky and my footsteps were loud enough to hear.

I stopped in front of a window as I look outside, the night creeping in slowly. "I love you, Leo. You will always be my little brother." Dean's voice echoed inside my head as I slapped myself across the face.

"Leo! Leo!" I heard Dean's voice from afar. The voice I had heard from my foggy memory. I looked outside the window as I saw a younger version of Dean "What do you want, Dean?" my younger self asked.

"Are you okay?! What happened to you! Look you're bleeding!" Dean stared at me with worry written all over his face as he touched my head, only for me to slap his hand away. "Don't touch me, Dean." I hissed at him as he scowled at my father coming towards our little form.

"Stay away you psycho!" Screamed Dean as he took me by the arm and put me behind him. My father laughed as our own mother ran up to his side, her hand full of bruises covering up her other eye. "Leave the children alone, Leonardo!" she screamed at him.

As father raised his hand, I pushed Dean away. "Father! Please! Hurt me instead! Leave them alone!" I cried as he lowered his hand and looked at me. He smiled mischievously. He walked towards me as Dean got up from the ground, my eyes closed and my knees trembling. I was frightened.

Dean jumped and grabbed my father's hair, pulling him to the ground as mother tried pulling Dean away, "Mother do something! Brother don't do it!" Dean cried. "Please Leonardo!" Mother cried out as well.

Father pushed both of them away as they fell on the ground, my mother wrapping her hands around Dean as she cried and Dean struggling to get up. He took me by the hand aggressively as he smiled, "Quit trembling Leo, that's only for weak people. Fear does not exist. Let's numb you up." he chuckle as he looked at my mother, "Quite feisty you are today, how cute." he laughed as they disappeared.

"Boss, what are you doing looking out there?" A voice snapped me back to reality. I stood up straight and cleared my throat as I looked at Sebastian. "Had a few couple drinks?" he asked, "None of your business," I replied back as I straightened my wrinkled sleeve.

"How is my wife, (y/n)?" I asked, "She's fine, sir. She's has been moved to her bedroom." he replied back. "Chained?" I asked again, my brow lifting. Sebastian nod, "Yes sir, chained." he gave me a smile as I nod back. "Have you found the other two runaways?" I spoke, looking outside the window once again.

"Unfortunately not yet, sir," Sebastian sighed, "I've been looking through every security cameras and hacked into Franzeska's phone that (y/n) stolen and a few other devices, but we have nothing so far." he explained, hearing the stress from his voice.

I looked away from the window and looked back at him, furrowing my brows. "Then what are you still doing here? Get out of my sight and keep looking!" I yelled as he nod and went away.

I sigh and closed my eyes for a few minutes until I heard Dean's voice once again. I shot my eyes open as I saw Dean's little form running through the hallway, "Catch me, catch me Leo!" Dean yelled with giggles as he held a stuff toy. "Come back here, Dean!" I heard myself yell back, laughing with happiness for the first time ever.

Dean started running towards me as he eventually bumped into me. He fell on the floor, the teddy bear fell from his hands. He looks up at me, "You caught me, Leo!" he giggled as he vanished. I sure did caught you.

I walked to the door, where Dean was captivated as I entered inside. He looked at me and smiled,. "Hello, Leo." he said as I held my revolver right at him. "Quit playing with me god damnit!" I yelled at him. "What do you mean?" he asks. "You're terribly drunk, Leo. You should rest." he said with concern and fear all mixed together.

"I don't ever want you showing up ever again." I said as I pulled the trigger, laughing hysterically as it hit his chest. He looked at me with shock. Tears streamed down his face as he only smiled at me, "I hope you'll be happy, Leo..." he said as his voice started trembling, I shot him again "I thought I could have saved you..." he said, his voice quivering.

"I love you, little bro." he said as he closed his eyes. I dropped my gun down as I wiped away the tears that had dared to go down. I heard running footsteps as Sebastian entered inside, panting.

"Sebastian...clean the body." I said as I took the bottle of alcohol and walked out of the door, "Sir..." his voice died down as he did not dare ask and just nod.

I walked down the hall as I saw the teddy bear that Dean once held earlier. "You caught me, Leo!"

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