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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 4

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Louis could swear he could feel his heart beat in his feet as Harry bit down forcefully on his neck and sucked harshly. He was so glad in that moment that he was a masochist, because he knew that Harry wasn't going to be a gentle dominant with sexual matters.
He moaned loudly as Harry pulled away with a pop before turning around and kissing him with just as much force.

It was mostly teeth and tongue but he wouldn't have it any other way as he felt Harry harden even more against his leg. Harry picked him up by his thick thighs, and started to the bedroom as quick as possible without dropping his soulmate.

He could feel Louis trying to hump himself against his lower stomach, and that was turning Harry on more than it should have, because he knew that he would be able to do so many things with this beautiful boy.

He kissed lightly at the mark on Louis' neck as he walked through the open door to his bedroom, and sat Louis down with a bounce on the bed. He heard Louis moan loudly, and he knew that he had hit his prostate without even the slightest effort. Smiling to himself as he closed the door, he walked hurriedly to the bed where Louis was sat rutting his arse into the mattress. He pushed Louis back and pulled his pants off his legs, staring in awe at the panties that fit tightly around his cock. The head poked out of the waistband wetly, leaking precome where his happy trail would be; he had seemingly no hair on his body other than his head, and Harry could feel his dick twitch hotly as his eyes skimmed over the young boys slightly soft body.
"Roll over, hands and knees with your bum in the air." He said in a raspy growl, spanking Louis' arse lightly as he pulled down his panties. He moaned deep in his throat as he saw the handle of the plug sticking out of his hole, slick with the small amount of lube that Louis used to push it in. Pulling at the small handle, he felt the tug of Louis' rim pull the plug back in. He tugged a little harder at the handle and felt the base pull out, the rest slipping out along with it.
He stared in awe once again at the girth of the plug before sitting it on the bedside table. He lent down and pushed his face to Louis' hole, licking into it, and feeling the moan vibrate through Louis' body as he stuck a long, thin finger in and found his prostate; something he seemed to do quite easily.

"Daddy, please take me." Louis whined, collapsing onto the bed and humping it like a dog.

Harry flipped his Louis over and lifted him up with ease while sitting down onto the soft bed. He held the small boy over his cock like a flaccid rag doll before pushing him down onto the hardened 10 inch fleshy pole. The soft whine coming from the head resting on his shoulder was all it took to thrust up harshly, feeling the velvety intestine tighten around cock.

He once again bit into Louis' shoulder, and kept his teeth sunken into his soft flesh as he thrust, feeling the warm blood seep into his mouth, and tasting the metallic, iron like substance slide wantonly down his throat.

He grabbed Louis' throat and felt his hole constrict around him as he squeezed his airways closed, successfully cutting off his breath for a few seconds. He let go of his throat and grabbed his jaw, languidly slipping his tongue into Louis' mouth; letting him taste his own blood as they kissed.

He pulled away and continued thrusting into the boy, cutting off his air supply every few second, knowing that the boy was thoroughly into being completely controlled. Being controlled in such a way, and knowing when the next time he would breath wasn't in his control was definitely his favourite thing in that moment.

All it took to send Harry over the edge was the sounds of Louis' laboured breaths, and Louis quickly came after him, slipping into subspace for the very first time without a worry in the world, knowing only the feeling of Harry inside of him, and the faint taste of blood that lingered on his lips.

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