18 | In Vino Veritas

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"Are you telling me I put on this cheap-ass Juicy Couture shit for nothing?"

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"Are you telling me I put on this cheap-ass Juicy Couture shit for nothing?"

Sebastian nodded as he leaned against the counter, taking in the hideous tracksuit. It probably wouldn't have looked so bad on Michael's fifty-something year old mother, but not on him. Definitely not him.

The two boys were standing in the Richardson's massive kitchen with several bottles of wine on the counter, one of them uncorked while the others sat in wait. They had immediately decided that drinks were in order after an awkward pause had spread between themselves and Taliana, who had quickly stopped crying and didn't look like she was about to start again, much to Michael's dismay.

"I should have never changed," he grumbled as he turned away from Sebastian and picked up the uncorked wine bottle. "I had a feeling she wasn't going to cry again."

"I don't get why you want her to cry," Sebastian said as he took one of the glasses. "I was scared shitless when she started bawling."

Michael merely grunted in response. "I don't see why tears scare you so much. If anything, they can be helpful. I bet Stick Girl likes you ten times more now that you comforted her."

Sebastian scoffed and shook his head. "I made a complete fool out of myself, so if anything made her feel better it was probably me looking like an ass."

"Nothing new there."

Sebastian flipped Michael the bird before slipping past him and stepping into the living room where Marcus and Stick Girl were chatting idly by the coffee table. Marcus had clearly just arrived, seeing as his overnight bag was still slung over his shoulder, so the pair hadn't been stuck alone with each other for very long. He could only imagine the damage Stick Girl could do to Marcus if he pissed her off by accident, but it looked like they were getting along so far. He just wondered how long that would last.

Marcus was the first to notice his entrance and greeted him with a nod, which Sebastian returned, but Marcus's eyes went wide when he saw Michael.

"What the hell are you wearing?" Marcus questioned incredulously as he slowly looked Michael over. "Is that your mother's?"

"In fact, it is." Michael hitched up his chin. "Do you have a problem?"

Sebastian rolled his eyes and made his way over to where Taliana had just taken a seat on the couch, already knowing where this conversation was headed, lowering himself down beside her.

"I think the tracksuit is very flattering, Michael," Taliana intervened before Marcus could answer, taking her wine glass from Sebastian. "Plays up all your best features."

It was then that Jude strolled into the room, and Sebastian grinned as he waited for his cousin -- fashionista that he was -- to give his opinion.

"Talia, we totally need to talk," Jude began, but before he could finish his thought, his eyes landed on Michael. "Jesus Christ, what are you wearing? Is that a tracksuit?"

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