chapter 3

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"Baby girl wake up" I tap Innocent as she turned away from me.

"Innocent baby wake up"

She slowly sat up wiping her eyes.

"Come on ..we have to go meet daddy somewhere ." I say to her while picking her up and headed towards the bathroom.

Jake called and wanted me to meet him at Cheddars with Innocent.  Of course I agreed .

I washed her up and put her on some clothes then her ugg boots before I made her brush her teeth. Her hair was still good and I aleadya had on my clothes. so I grabbed my keys and left.




"Innocent no..they don't have chicken nuggets you have to order something else." She had a picture menu.

We have been waiting for 30 minutes and I've called three times . He answered none of my calls so were just going to  eat and leave.

I don't understand how he reached out to me but didn't show. But whatever

Innocent started pointing at something ."Lamar " she yelled.

I turned around to see Lamar and Darrel making their way to our table.

"Hi." I say getting up to shake his hand as Innocent and Lamar Talked.

"Wassup...Is it OK if we join " he asked.

"Yea .." I sat down in my seat and he followed pursuit .

"So what are you two doing here" I ask picking my menus back up.

"To grab something to eat what bout you two"

"We were supposed to be meeting with Innocents father ..but he didn't show so  "

"Is he in her life at all" he asked reaching over and taking a fork from Lamar . preventing him from hurting him self 

"Yeah .    but I'm having some problems with his girlfriend now " I say.

Why am I telling this man my whole life story when I don't even know His last name.

"Same problem with my baby momma's boyfriend" he answers

Something about that word baby momma just didn't sit right with me. I know us mothers are indeed baby mommas but you would think we would have a better name than baby mamma .

I was interrupted from my thoughts by the waiter 

"Hi I'm Lindsey can I start you guys off with something to drink " she asked with a bright smile on her face.

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