Chapter Twenty Five

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Hey guys, sorry for the slow update. School is just ugh. And homework is just ugh. And potential bae is lagging. So I have time to update xDD

Some weeks later, the snow covered Hogwarts beautifully. Draco was hanging out with Crabbbe and Goyle and you were walking around, looking for Hermione. You told Draco that you were going to study in your dorm since he really wouldn't like it if you said the truth.

You found Hermione close to the Great Hall.

"(Y/n)! There you are!" She said.

Ron was with her and he smiled and waved at you. "Hello (y/n). How are you?"

You smiled. "Great. And yourself?"

"Bloody brilliant!"

You looked to Hermione. "Sooo, you wanted me to meet you?"

Hermione nodded. "I wanted to invite you to come to Hogsmeade with us. We invited others too."

You nodded, then looked around. "Where's Harry?"

"We are going to fetch him last."

You raised an eyebrow. "What's this all about?"

Hermione smiled. "Do you believe that we must learn to defend ourselves against dark magic?"

You nodded.

"And do you agree that Umbridge is horrible?"

You nodded.

Hermione smiled. "Well, we are meeting up because we want Harry to be our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. In secret, of course."

You chuckled. "That sounds like a wonderful idea!"

Hermione and Ron told you where to go and that they'll be there soon. When you got there, there was a fair amount of students seated. They all stared at you as you entered. You were the only Slytherin there.

You stood with Fred and George.

"Hey Fred. Hey George." You smiled.

"Hello (y/n)." They said at the same time.

"Do you know what this is about?" Fred asked.

"It's a gathering, obviously." You said.

When Fred was about to say something, Hermione and Ron walked in with Harry.

After telling everyone what everything was about, Hermione and Ron stated that Harry should be their teacher.

The students started to talk. They were doubting Harry. You looked up at Fred and George and they looked at you in silence.

You felt bad for Harry. Standing there, his eyes those of defeat. He didn't know what to do. Until Luna Lovegood spoke up.

"Is it true you can produce a Patronous Charm?"

Everyone stood silent and looked at Harry.

"Uh. Yeah, I can."

Then one by one, his friends started to talk him up. Hermione and Ron said some great things about him. About Harry defeating a basilisk, Harry fighting off Dementors, and the topic of Voldemort came. That he really did fight Voldemort. That Voldemort really did kill Cedric.

There was silence then. You looked at the floor. You couldn't help but feel afraid that Voldemort was really back.

And he was waiting.

Waiting for his chance to strike.

Waiting to attack.

Waiting to kill.

To kill Harry.

"He's really back, isn't he?" Someone asked, almost sadly.

Harry nodded.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence, students rushed to sign up.

When you signed up Harry smiled and hugged you. "I'm glad you believe me."

"I always have, Harry." You smiled.

You didn't see the glare you earned from Ginny as Harry hugged you.

But you did see the glare Ginny gave Cho.

You walked back to Hogwarts with Fred and George. Waiting for you at the Slytherin Common Room was Draco, his arms crossed and tapping his foot.

"Where were you?"

"The library. I was looking for a book that I needed but I couldn't find it. Someone must have checked it out."

Draco shook his head. "I asked your roommate if she saw you in the dorm. She was in there all day and said that you were not in there at all. And Blaise Zambini told me that he seen you walking away towards Hogsmeade and came back with the Weasley twins. Now, I'm going to ask you again. Where. Were. You?"

"Why are you so....ugh. It's like I can never do anything because you need to know where I am, with who, when, all that. Do you not trust me?"

Draco ignored the question. "You were with Potter, weren't you?"

"Do you not trust me!?" You repeated.

"No I don't!" Draco blurted.

Shock took over your expression.

Draco sighed. "I didn't mean that. I-its Potter I don't trust. I see the way he looks at you sometimes."

You chuckled. "Draco, no. Have you not seen the way he looks at Cho? Nothing is going on with him and me. I love you and you only."

Draco looked relieved. "Are you sure?"


Draco kissed you.

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