Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Her Past

“Juvia, are you going to be alright?” Levy asked her when they came out of the bar. Everybody looks worried with Juvia.

“He’s drunk, Juvia.” Loki tried to reason out. Juvia just sighed and smile.

She knows. Gray was drunk. And he was mad. He was still mad at her. She knows. Bigtime.

“It’s alright. I understand him.” Juvia said, “and I’m sorry to ruin this…”

Mira shook her head in disagreement. Then she took Juvia’s hand. “No, you don’t need to apologize for this. You’re a part of the guild. You’re our friend.”

Juvia felt tears in her eyes. For all these years, they still accept her as a friend. Even if she run away from them. Even if she left her friends and hide from them. They were still here. Then a thought came past through her, she’s thankful to have friends like them.

 “Thank you.” That is all Juvia said to them. She wiped her tears and said she was going home. Maybe she will feel better. And she is, she knows she will get better when she gets home.

“Okay, I’ll go with you. Where did you park your car?” Gajeel asked.

“No need, Gajeel. You can go with them. Go with Levy.” Juvia insisted.

Gajeel sighed. “Juvia, you’re not doing this to me! Come on, I’ll just take you there to make sure you’re alright.” He sounded irritated with that. Juvia looked at his brother like she’s sending a message that she was alright. “Juvia, let me or I’ll tell them.”

That is when Juvia sighed, surrendered and let Gajeel take her to her car. Gajeel knows everything about Juvia. Also the thing Gajeel would tell their friends that Juvia doesn’t want them to know. She’s been keeping it for years. And everything will be broken if she tell them. That’s what she thought.

Juvia walked by the carpark with Gajeel. Gajeel didn’t know what to say. He knows Juvia has been crying. She’s been crying for years. Gajeel is mad at Gray but he can’t blame him. He has no right to tell that to Juvia and he doesn’t know everything. He wanted to punch Gray from saying that but he can’t do it. Gray didn’t know what Juvia had gone through. But on the other hand, Juvia has her own faults too. He was also mad at Juvia but he can’t blame her also. Gajeel can’t blame Juvia for everything. For whatever reason she had to run away or hide, or whatever feeling she had felt; Gajeel can’t blame her. Even Gajeel doesn’t know what Juvia had gone through.

 “I’m okay, Gajeel.” Juvia said. She’s been wiping her tears all the way to her car.

“Tss. Okay your ass.” Gajeel scoffed.

Juvia just laughed at him then she sobbed. She lost all her strengths, her knees fell down on the ground. Her both hands were on her face and her sobs became a loud cry. She remembered everything. The reason why she left him, the reason why she left her friends, the reason why she hide for a year and the reason why she dump him before; she remembered it all.

“H-Hey, Juvia.” Gajeel panicked. He had seen Levy cried and he panicked too. But he has never seen her sister cried like this. Again. The last time he saw her cried was the time Juvia told her everything. Gajeel got mad. He remembered it clearly. But now, it was like her cries have been saved from a well and now was picked by somebody. And that somebody is Gray.

Juvia stopped herself from crying. But she knows she can’t. She can’t stop from crying. She can’t almost breathe from it. She felt like her heart was ripping into pieces. Again and again. And again.

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