Chapter 55: Clove

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I wake up and quietly sneak out of Cato's hospital room. I feed Dagger quickly and quietly, with Johanna sleeping in our bed. I walk around. just looking, for fun, and don't find anything. I turn around and see Cato standing there, smiling proudly.

"You're walking! That's amazing!" I say hugging him tightly. He groans in pain but I can't let go. I hold his hand tightly and skip around him like a merry-go-round.

"We should go eat" he says with a little pain hidden in his voice. I nod and hold his side carefully. We walk together to go eat and sit across from some other people of our soldier group. We eat our bland oatmeal quickly and walk back to our room.

 "I want to hit something" Cato says returning to his normal self. I laugh lightly and he rolls his eyes. I kiss him slowly and he smiles through the kiss. I hold his waist close to mine and his hands run down my back. I shiver slightly and we split to catch our breath.

"We should go check to see if Coin needs us to do anything?" I ask and we leave for her office-meeting room. We walk slowly, taking our sweet time. I knock on her door and she opens slowly, almost nervously. We walk in in and sit across from her at her large meeting table.

"We just came by to see if there was anything you needed us to do?" I ask awkwardly since she's eyeing us up and down.

"Why are you here? You were supposed to di- I mean he got shot and all" she says recovering quickly. She expected us to die? I look at Cato angrily and he shrugs awkwardly.

"Yeah I got shot, they called a hover-craft just in time. So, is there actually something we should help with?' Cato asks, mostly to distract her and probably me. I smile at him and hold his hand, probably too tightly.

"You guys could help, I guess just go see Nols, captain of training and see what he says" she says and we leave quickly.  We walk to the training room where a new trainer is sitting, twirling a knives around his fingers.

"Hello, Coin sent us to see if there's anything we could help with" Cato says simply. The man seems to be ignoring us but he turns suddenly.

"No, you're the couple that both got shot and came from the Capitol? Yeah?" we nod, me mostly embarrassed and Cato just annoyed. I hold his hand tightly and try to calm him down.

"You guys just enjoy yourselves we have a feeling Katniss' team got this under control" he says with a smirk, not evil, but proud, maybe? We nod and walk back to Cato's hospital room, which has been cleared out.

"Well we need to talk to Coin, Johanna says they expected her to die and gave away her room so she's staying in ours" I say quickly "We need to get her a new room". I say in mock urgency and we laugh quietly. We slowly walk the crowded hall and past door, after door until we get to her office.

"Coin we need you to get Johanna a room" I say opening the door for Cato. She looks at us boredly and eventually lets us sit across from her. She seems to rearranging things on her tablet and looks up at us occasionally, as if she's judging us. I look down as her eyes bore into my head.

"We have an available room, but she'll be rooming with someone. Is that okay?" I look at her angrily and she smiles, in fake genuine-ness. I shake my head and she sighs obviously annoyed. I look at Cato and he glares at Coin, angered beyond calming.

"Why can't she get a private room, like a normal person?" Cato growls deeply. I smirk to myself and she checks her files again.

"Okay I have a small room in the kid's quarter? Will she be okay with that? No room-mate, her own bathroom and close to her work" I shutter when Coin says 'work' and Cato holds me tightly. We nod in unison and we leave, as quickly as we can.

"Johanna you got another room. So leave, to Coin's office" I say jokingly and she rolls her eyes playfully. She walks out and probably to Coin's office. Cato and I lay on the bed together and Dagger jumps on the bed with us. She growls down at me with her wagging tail and we laugh at her in unison.

"I love you Cato" I say as I slowly fall asleep in his arms "tomorrow we should stay with our schedule I'll follow you one day and you follow me another?" I ask even though I don't want an answer. The last thing I see before I fall asleep is Cato nodding and him smiling down at me.

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