Chapter 1

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^This is my first ever story so I hope you enjoy it. I have never actually wrote a story on Wattpad, in real life, behind the world of media, I write a lot of stories. I go from a wide range of Lesbian stories, Gay stories, Straight, Fantasy, and some other things. Out of all this is gonna be my first story on Wattpad. This is dedicated to my friends who supported me and told me to continue writing and pushed me to actually put up a story on Wattpad. Hope you enjoy, not pushing anyone to read this. If anything, you can share this in anyway you want to. For the most part, enjoy.^

My name is Nilda Pool. I just moved back into my old neighborhood. Literally in the same house as my brother because he lives in the same house as my parents. Even though my parents died. Forgetting about that, I was taking bag after bag out of my car that was filled with my personal goodies. I placed them into the guest room and crashed down on the bed.

"Geez. How much do I own? Maybe I should get rid of some things." I sighed and stared at the piles of clothes trying to escape my bag. "Hey." My brother entered the room and waved at me. "One of your friend's just came over. I gave her your phone number to call you." The left the room before I could say anything. Like always. A text from her. A school reunion! You need to come! Don't you dare say no!!

Damn. I just got here and already have to go to a school reunion. What time? Message. I believe around 6. Can you make it? Meh.. Yeah. Well, I gotta get these clothes all ready and set then before I get over to there. Which is gonna take me countless hours since I have so much junk. Grab and shove, organize later.

I picked out the ordinary clothes. A nice looking shirt, a skirt, and some flats. I wear flats because I don't wanna kill myself or anyone around me. Which is good for everyone because I am not a tripping giraffe over to people. For the most part I have to get going now! I jump into the passanger's seat and let my big bro drive me all the way to the place of the reunion. Not only that, but my brother won't shut up about his girlfriend.

We get there at the designated time and I see my friend standing right next to a sign. High school reunion. 6-10 p.m. I wonder if there is gonna be other people from different high schools here too. My friend grabs my arm and drags me inside. "Come on! Don't you want to see your old friends?" No. "Yeah." The friends I use to have are a bunch of jackwagons now. I looked over at a table and seen a tall, brunette headed man. It was my crush. Well, at least my crush from high school.

I ignored the tall guy, I sat down with my friend and we chatted about the old times. How we would crush on guys, leave prank notes in teachers' desks. And even put tons of toilet paper around the school on Halloween. It was so much fun. The only big crush I had was on that guy, Coy Baer. Right now he is a billionaire, owning tons of companies and products around the world. I mean a lot.

"Oh. You still got the hots for him, huh?" No, maybe. "I don't know." My friend smirked. "Oh come on go talk to him!" She pulled me up and started dragging me to the punch bowl and snack table. "Liz! Wait! No, seriously. I don't wanna talk to him!" Before I could get away, Liz pushed me into him. "Oh! Geez! I am so sorry!"

He laughed a bit. "It's alright. And what are you here for?" Oh. "Uh we-"

"Are you here just to hook up with me?" A smirk appeared on his face. "What?"

^I'm leaving it here. Sorry it was so short. I didn't want to put too much down. Next chapter I'll do a lot more. I hope you enjoyed the small little chapter. Sorry if it was too short.^

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