Chapter 1.

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-Paige's POV-

So here I am, USC. New start for a new me. Well, I guess not particularly a new me. Seeing as I have always tried to get out of my shy shell but I've always been pushed back down because of my 'Bad looks'. It is hard. But hey ho, better got on with my life. I don't dress to impress after all.

I walk through the large doors to the university and my eyes almost widen as I had expected a ton of shoving around, jocks throwing rugby balls across the hallways and girls caked with makeup. Just like my old school was. But there isn't any of this here. Girls and boys dress casually and it is pretty quiet and neat.

I felt a ton of pressure release from my heart and started to walk more inside. I didn't get glares like I use to. I got smiles and waves from people I don't actually know.

Maybe this will all go okay after all.

A girl came from the right side making me jump and she stood there with a wide smile on her face. "Hey! You must be Paige! I am Angelica and I will be here to guide you around and to take you to each and every one of your classes"! I smiled and shook her hand. "I am Paige indeed. It is great to meet you Angelica"! She giggled and so did I.

We started walking down the corridors and talking about our previous schools. I can see she has been here a little while longer than me seeing as she knew where she was going. Adding onto that, she said that she has been here for approximately two years.

She had finally lead me to the directing block and I smiled at her. "I will be waiting outside here so I can take you to your next class afterwards! Have fun" she smiled. And before I had a chance to say anything back, she skipped off. I raised my eyebrow and went into the classroom full of people talking to each other in small groups. I held my books to my chest tightly as I felt fear rise up unto my chest.

I stood awkwardly by the door, debating whether to run out or to just stay put. The door then slammed open making me jump bad my books almost flying out of my hands. I turned around and there stood the teacher. "New student"? She said. I nodded and fixed my glasses that were on the peak of my nose. "Sit up at the back with that, boy" she growled bad pointed to the back. She then sat down up at her desk and I walked to the back of the class.

I could feel everyone's eyes burn into me as I walked up to the back and sat down next to the boy. I pulled out my books for class and waited until the teacher had officially begin to start the lesson.

I sighed and looked through my pencil case for a pen but unfortunately, me being the stupid, nerdy girl I am is not organised for a new chapter of my life. Perfect. "I have a pen. Here, have it" I shuddered and turned my head to the left where a pair of blue eyes were staring into my grey eyes. I smiled and softly took the pen. "Thank you" he nodded and stared back at the front.

The teacher began the lesson and she was talking about what directing and producing is all about, what skills your need to have and all of these things that I had pretty much trained for since I was six years old.

And before I knew it, the bell had rang for next class.


Angelica lead me to the dorm I was staying in. Room 246. I unlocked the door with the key I was given and we both walked in. "Will you be alright here? My dorm is only six doors up to the right so if you need anything, then come and give me a knock" I smiled and nodded. "I will be fine. Thank you Angelica" she smiled and gave me a pat on the back, then walked out of the room, shutting the door behind her and leaving me in my room.

I sighed and unzipped the suitcase I had where the security had out my suitcase, under the bed. As I was putting my belongings away I started to wonder why I felt an urge in my side to get a little closer to the boy who let me borrow his pen today in class. It was awfully kind of him, but I didn't want to bother him and ask him a huge range of questions just so I can get a little closer to him.

Once I had finished packing away everything, I stood up and stared out of the window seeing students walking around, couples holding hands and doing quiet a lot of PDA.. And then there is me. "New start. But the shy girl remains whilst the confidence is tucked away somewhere inside".


I know.. This is pretty short but it's only the beginning! Things are going to get longer and better! But I'm not going to lie yeah but this chapter took me since Monday to update.. So.. Updates every Thursday yeah? Cool.

Thank you to the people that have been reading and voting so far! It means so much!!


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