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This story is written in Deep pov (close third) Please read the following:

"Option #3, writing thoughts without italics, makes for the least intrusive read and is likely the best choice for most of today's writers and for most genres. It may not be perfect for every story, genre, and set of circumstances, but it will work for many. Especially for stories with deep POV, that very intimate third-person point of view. "

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Also, more importantly, the thoughts cannot be in italics do to a few chapters from now Merryn will be having "company" within her mind and more. To avoid confusion I have to keep her thoughts non-italicized.

By italicizing her thoughts how to differentiate from the other voice in her head? No, her thoughts have to be left plain. I try hard to make it obvious when it's her thoughts. :P

I am tired of getting comments about this, it not a mistake, but a style choice. I stick to the rules for the most part, and had to think long and hard about this before going with this. I'd appreciate it if critics didn't comment on it as I'm not going to change it. This the one thing I won't budge with, so please help with anything else, thanks.

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A flash of tiny bright dots blinded Merryn from the cast spell. Rubbing them she stumbled onto the cobblestone walkway. The dangling coin pouch on her hip jangled, so she grasped it, silencing it.

Giving it a double squeeze, it stretched out and slammed backdown; compressing its contents.

The port and the book were at opposite ends of the city, hopefully, the map would have a few shortcuts marked on it. Paved jade streets and marble lined walls bled of status and wealth.

She pulled the map out from another pouch. Yes, it's off ahead; the northern district.

There was no point bothering to try to fit in, no time for such triflings. It was an elegant city at least by human standards. Such a stark change from a year ago. The looks of the men and women who passed by etched with disdain. Each haughty face and glare as subtle as a kick in the gut.

She frowned. It was bad enough having to learn the darker arts let alone be dumped into this human city. Couldn't blame the Elder Adapts, they were already pushed past their limit keeping everyone at home from succumbing to the dark ones.

Now wasn't the time to give in to that side. Concentrate on the mission, need to hurry now. They didn't say how long the runes would hold.

It was hard calling him but had to be done.

"Feared Kage, pull the shadows and wrap them tight, with a kiss of the night," she whispered.

It took concentration to will the shadows to come. The coolness flowed over, starting at her feet. It spread to her torso, over her face and hair stopping as it reached her long ears.

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