"What do you want, mudblood.."

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"What do you want, mudblood?" Draco said anger and sadness in his eyes, must be due to his father. that kind of hurt hearing that from him, im a pureblood and whenever somebody called me that it didn't matter but, something about him saying that felt like emptiness, heartbreak, no i can't be falling for Malfoy... 

"Are you okay Draco? do you wanna talk?" is what i should've said, but this came out of my mouth-

"Get away from me Malfoy, I'm looking for somebody.." I said as I walked away feeling malfoy gazing on me and soon hearing his footsteps fade away.  I walk to the great hall to the griffindor table clearly having a worried face, looking for Seamus.

"Hey Wisecarver, wheres my sister?"  Seamus said trying to act tough, noticing he was with his friends

"I could ask you the same thing, shes crying, moving staircase floor 3." I say crossing my arms, staring at him as a sign to go talk to her. I feel the gaze somebody is looking at me from the distance. I look at the slytherin table and see malfoy pointing, laughing at my sister and her "trio" 

"hey harry, ron, hermione, and goblin" I say gesturing them to go to sleep. My sister is just 9 months younger than me, that explains why shes in the same year as me anywayssss... I look at malfoy and for some reason I blushed. I see Malfoy walk past me, and bump into me to get out. Almost like he put some parchment in my robe pocket. I see everyone leave and go take a walk. Rhian gave me harry's invisibility cloak to get her out of trouble from professor snape.  I put it on reminding myself not to go to hogsmeade for a little trip of stealing, i did it anyway.. as I go walk to the hogsmeade way from hogwarts I hear Draco talking to his little minions.

"what did you put in her pocket Draco!?" Crabbe said as I never seen this side of him

"Oh I just put a little note, in fact its almost 10. Got to go-" Draco said with his footsteps sounded loud slowly getting quiet. I check my pocket and I see a note.

'Meet me at the astronomy tower, at 10 sharp. Don't be late'

I read as i found Draco again. I didn't know where the astronomy tower was. the only thing logical to do was follow him.

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