How I picture Vincent


I started to remove the make-up from my face and neck revealing my wounds which made everyone gasp and Vincent tense up. I had a black bruise on my cheekbone from the previous night, a cut on my chin from my mother's ring, a healing black eye and on my neck dozens of scattered cuts and bruises. "Raven, where are you going to go?" Vincent asked quietly. "Back home I guess, since my mother is normally busy she won't really notice me home. And I'm going to stay out all day and then return at night so it should be safe." I replied watching everyone's reactions.  I looked down at my right shoulder to see my shirt sleeve is soaked in blood. I unbutton my shirt to reveal a black singlet underneath. I tie up my hair and pull out a bandage to wrap around my cut. Thankfully it wasn't deep so it didn't need stitches, but the cut was really messy and was swelling up. I sigh in frustration and get to work on dressing my wound, since I'm right handed it is harder to dress the wound and I barely got it done the last time. Vincent bends down next to my arm and takes the bandage and gently wraps it around and secures it with a pin. 

'I'll walk you home Raven." Vincent said going into the bathroom to wash his hands. "No it's OK, I can walk." I replied already out the door. I popped on my jacket and jogged the rest of the way home. When I got inside I went straight to my room and changed out of my now bloody singlet, I popped on another black singlet with a black jacket, black tights and black boots. I heard Mary's car pull up on the driveway, I rushed around and threw my things under my bed and ran out the back door locking it behind me. "I really need a car." I said to myself as I entered the mall. I decided to do some shopping after and early dinner, I go into this goth looking shop and buy some more black clothes, you might be wondering seriously what is up with me and black well I prefer really dark shades especially black but to school I wear some colour like green or purple. Once I was done with my shopping spree I exited the mall and instead of heading home I turned into a dark alleyway for some reason, my mind is telling me to go home but my body just keeps walking the opposite way.

I hear footsteps behind me but I choose to ignore them, the footsteps get faster and catch up to me. And who do I see? Dustin, Vincent's best friend, the second hottest guy at school, a major player and a number 1 bully when it someone messes with his friends. "Dustin, I haven't seen you in a while." I said with a polite smile while I continue walking. "Same with you Raven, can you do something for me?" Dustin asked nervously. "Dustin if this has to do with your girlfriends then I'm not interested." I replied with a frown. "No, for once this isn't about me." He said. Now I'm confused and scared for what this guy could want from me. "Well you see, Vincent really likes you and well he's too shy to ask you out so I was wondering when he does come around to asking you could you give him a chance?" Dustin said chuckling nervously.

"Is that all? So just making that request has made you so nervous." I said amused. "Yeah, see ya." He said running off, what a weird guy. I noticed that we had stopped walking outside a weapons store called Le Magasin D'armes. "Weapons huh? Interesting?" I said as I stepped inside the store, as soon as I set foot inside I was slapped with a wave of cold air. "Hello?" I asked nervously. "Hello, how may I help you?" The guy at the counter asked. "We have a special of buy 1 get 2 free." He said smiling a sweet smile. I started to look around, to my left were daggers and pocket knifes decorated on the shelves, to my right were swords and axes and behind me were bow 'n' arrows and crossbows put into rows. I picked up a broadsword and nearly dropped it because of it's weight. "That sword retracts into a certain size so you can carry it around." The guy replied, I nodded at him and looked at the price $50. I pressed the button and it retracted to as long as a 30cm ruler, I grabbed a basket and placed the sword into it and walked over to a set of daggers of 5. "hmmm, these can come in handy." I said and then realised what I was doing, it's like my mind was saying something and my body was doing the opposite. 

I set a bow and 10 arrows in the basket and took it up to the counter. "That will be $50 please." He said. I handed him the cash and said "Thank you Gaspard." I said looking at the name badge. I walked out the shop and headed home. I had an uneasy feeling while walking home, I knew something bad was going to happen. It felt like something or someone was pacing in my head and that thing or person was getting restless.

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