Chapter 3

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His house was extremely large and open, and Louis was in love with it already. The outside was a straight wall that was painted in an egg shell colour, and had a short staircase that led up to the front door.

The whole house looked to be two stories tall, and Louis was so excited to see whatever amount of the house his dominant would allow. But he knew that once he stepped into this house he was officially Harry's, and that he would have to do whatever his soon to be lover said past the doors.

He looked to his dominant for reassurance and when Harry smiled down at him he immediately stepped inside, hearing the door close behind him.

When he looked to his left he saw the entrance to what seemed to be a living space, and when looking to his right he saw a kitchen. The only reason he was sure of that was because he saw a giant microwave on the far wall, and the edge of a granite counter lining up neatly with the one side of a fridge.

While looking ahead of him, he saw a spiral staircase with a regular sized door placed slightly to the left behind the stairs. He assumed it was either a coat closet or a bathroom, leaning farther towards the second option.

"Come on Lou, I'll take you upstairs and tell you some of my main rules." He said with a lustful grin, smiling at Louis from the head of the staircase.

Harry was trying to be as fluent at this as possible, and was extremely thankful that his genes were there to help him as well as his natural dominant tone that he could only hope was going to stay there in his moments of weakness.

He had never had sex before, and he knew that Louis was a crazy one in the bedroom, even if he was a virgin. He only knew that though because he was matched with Louis as his soulmate, so he didn't have one doubt that they were going to have some extreme, as the old earth goers would call it, bdsm situations.

He also knew that because he could see Louis secretively pushing his plug against him prostate every so often, but that was none of his business. Yet.


Harry had shown Louis around the house, wrapping his hands around his waist from behind to feel the soft plastic against his dick, and he couldn't help but get turned on.

At one point, Louis had felt his bulge rubbing against his bum and he couldn't help the tugging feeling in his stomach that told him to bring his dominant to his release, but he resisted the urge to do so as he didn't know how Harry would react.

"And that's about it. It's not much but it'll be a nice home for our family once we start having kids." He said, wrapping his arm around Louis' shoulder and smiling down at the boys extremely small form.

All he could think about in that moment was how beautiful his submissive would look all swollen with his babies, rosy cheeked and pouty. He knew that Louis' pregnancies wouldn't all be like that, but he hoped that at least one of their children would be a relaxed baby so that he could experience his Louis like that.

"It's amazing, I love it. So what are your rules if I may ask?" Louis asked, looking innocently up at Harry.

Harry shook out of his beautiful day dream and pulled Louis a little bit closer.

"Oh yes, the rules. So I don't have very many, but the ones that I do have I need you to follow." Louis nodded along as he listened intently, and stared at Harry's beautiful lips.

"Rule number 1, call me sir when we are anywhere but in the bedroom." He said sternly before pulling Louis around to his front and locking his arms around his waist. He bent his knee slightly and pushed the plug harshly against Louis' prostate, hearing him gasp as he tucked his head into Harry's neck, and feeling his knees buckle.

"But when we're in the bedroom, call me Daddy."

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