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Tap here to start writinJust Me Again is the continuation of Silas Harrison and Maria Wayne's story. Here is a summary of the previous book on Wattpad named "Silas Harrison's Ex-Wife."


Silas Harrison is the second child of Owen and Ruby Harrison. Harrison are one of the wealthy families of New York. They are very well-known around the business world. Silas Harrison befriends an ordinary waitress at a local cafe in New York city named, Maria Wayne. They fall in love and gets married. No one knows about their wedding except for their families and close friends. Everything was going perfect till after one year of their wedding. Silas accused Maria for cheating on him with his elder brother Marcus and ended up divorcing her. They parts their ways and oath never to see each other again, but fate had another plan for both of them. After four years of divorce, Maria and Silas meets again. This time Silas is her boss and she is just a mere server at the new Hotel he just bought. Maria worked at the Michelle's Hotel as a server with her best friend Charlie. She has just two friends at work and outside that are Charlie and the manager Elna.

Maria and Marcus has been close, but just like a brother and sister. Nothing really happened between them, but someone had brain-washed Silas and everything gets nasty. Silas along with his youngest sister Elizabeth started to loathe Maria and Marcus. Silas doesn't want anything to do with Marcus, but he is forced to work with him by their father as he can't see his children fighting. Despite hating his elder brother - Silas is forced to work alone with him. Maria meets the Harrison after a long time. Where Owen and Ruby were good to her. Silas and Elizabeth didn't forgot to give her hard time. She was again and again reminded that she is hated by them when she really didn't do anything wrong.

Maria was then introduced to Gina and Sean. Gina is the complete bitch that is in love with Silas and Sean is a sweet-heart that likes Maria. Silas gets jealous to see Maria with Sean and Gina gets jealous to see Silas getting jealous with Sean. In later chapters, it is know that Sean and Gina were actually ex husband and wife, but that doesn't effect Maria's relation with Sean.

Now let's skip to the interesting part. Maria had an accident while saving a child from a speedy bus and admitted to the hospital. When Silas came to know about her his old feelings for Maria busts out. He has always been in love with her and now that he sees her in pain - he couldn't control himself but rush to the hospital where she is admitted. The press caught him there and due to frustration he ends up telling everyone about their marriage that was a secret till now.

Due to the accident Maria might not be able to walk on her own ever again and that upsets Silas even more. The drama continues as Silas came to know that some woman asked a girl named Elba and her ex-fiance to manipulate her and Marcus's pictures. Someone even tried to blend Maria and Marcus's pictures with sex models so that it could appear like they both are cheating on their spouses. Elba herself meets Silas and give away the information. Later it is revealed that it is Elizabeth who asked Elba to tell her brother the truth. Elizabeth digs in more and came to know who really created all the misunderstandings between Silas, Maria and Marcus.

Silas, Owen (Silas's father), Franklin (Maria's father) and Leo - all turns up at Maria's hospital room. It was revealed that Elizabeth has asked them to be there. Where else Elizabeth goes to Silas's house where her mother, Gina and her aunts were. There it reveals that it was Ruby Harrison who was behind it all. Elizabeth confronts her for ruining her own sons life. There Ruby reveals her real self and accepts that it was her who brain-washed Silas against Maria and Marcus and send fake video and pictures of Maria and Marcus together. Where Ruby thought that no one would believe Elizabeth she didn't know that Silas was on call and he along with everyone present in Maria's room heard Ruby's confession. Sean and Gina were working for Ruby. Ruby was paying Sean to take Maria away from her son and Gina was given the task to keep Silas way from Maria.

Turns out Ruby was jealous of Maria and also she never approved her because of her social status differences. She didn't like that everyone in Harrison family was giving Maria the importance that once Ruby had. It is also revealed that Marcus is not Owen and Ruby's biological child. They adopted him when we was a child. After Ruby and Owen were married - no matter how much they tried - Ruby couldn't conceive a child. She was told that she would never have children so, after trying for few years. Owen and Ruby decided to adopt Marcus. But just few years after Marcus was adopted miraculously Silas was born following Elizabeth few more years after him. As Silas and Elizabeth grew older Ruby's affection for Marcus decreased. She started to neglect Marcus because he wasn't the real Harrison. Ruby would treat Marcus badly, but put a show of a great mother in front of everyone. Where else, Owen loved all three of them unconditionally. When it came to distribute his wealth among his children - he gave Marcus the most despite he wasn't the real Harrison. Everyone was okay with that except for Ruby. There was a fire burning inside her.

When Marcus and Silas were in high school. Marcus fell in love with Susan - who was Ruby's best friend's daughter. Ruby always wanted to see Susan with Silas but unfortunately for her - Susan fell in love with the son she hates the most. Marcus and Susan married each other. And when Silas fell in love with an ordinary waitress - Ruby couldn't control it. She started plotting against them. Maria and Marcus were already very close to each other. They understood each other well. Ruby started to make Silas notice their small doting moments together like an innocent hug. She was doing it so that when Maria and Marcus's fake photos will we revealed in front of Silas - he would believe them without giving it another thought. For months she made Silas believe that Maria and Marcus were a little too close to each other and made him jealous. And her plan worked just as she wanted it.

When the fake pictures of Maria and Marcus together were sent to Silas - he believed them. He already suspected that his wife and big brother were a little too close to each other. He got angry and divorced Maria. Everyone turned against Maria and Marcus except for Susan - she believed that her husband would never cheat on her. Unfortunately for Marcus, Susan passed away while giving birth to their daughter Kathryn.

After the truth came out Silas asked for forgiveness to his brother and Maria. Where Marcus forgave him - Maria wasn't ready to let it go easily. But Silas was determined to win Maria back. Maria still loved Silas but she couldn't forgive him for hurting her. Maria was sent to New Jersey for physiological therapy as she was bound to wheelchair after the accident.

One day Silas visited Maria at her apartment to seek forgiveness and to tell her that he still love her very much. Ruby shows up at her apartment at the same time with a gun. She was furious at Maria - she blamed her for ruining her relation with her son and family. She was acting like a manic - she wanted to end Maria. She tries to shoot her but Silas come in front and got shot on the shoulder but his own mother. Later it was revealed that Maria's good friend Elna was also the part of Ruby's vicious plan. Elna has been in love with Marcus and Ruby promised her that if she will help her kick Maria out of Silas's life - she will make sure that Marcus will end up with Elna. But at the end time Elna changes her mind and run away. Sean also runs away.

The first book ended with Maria not ready to give Silas another chance. She forgives him but she doesn't want to get back together with him. Maria was no longer wheelchair bounded but she couldn't walk without the help of her crutches either. In the end Maria and Silas become friends when they clearly feel a lot more for each other.



After few years Maria decides to leave New York and shift to Chicago to live with her brother. She didn't want to live with the dreadful memories and wanted to start fresh. After spending twenty months in Chicago - she got the news that Charlie and Marcus are getting married. 

Maria has no other choice but to go back to the place she has been running from. There is no chance that Maria will ever miss her best friend's wedding. Some old memories will haunt her while the other will make her laugh or even cry. She will once again meet the people she loved and face the evils of her past. 

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