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George's POV

I watched helplessly as Arabella's sped down the corridor and out of sight.

I opened my mouth, about to shout after her and tell her to wait. I panicked, before beginning to move, wanting to catch up to her.

Fred put his hand in front of me, stopping me from chasing her, "Just leave her for now George, give it some time."

I looked across at him, to see a sympathetic look on his face, a face a rarely ever saw. He moved his hand from the front of my body and came to perch on my shoulder.

"Well I've clearly fucked it up haven't I Freddie? Why did I say those things to her, I obviously didn't mean any of it!" I say loudly, running my hands through my hair.

"Love can make you crazy mate." He chuckled with a small smile.

"Love?" I stammered; I felt my face begin to turn red.

"Yeah, love." He laughed, shoving me slightly, "Oh come on Georgie, you can't tell me you haven't fallen for her after crushing on her for all the years and spending almost every waking moment together?" he smirked.

I coughed nervously and scratched the back of my head, unsure of what to say.

Of course I loved Arabella.

I don't exactly know when the love I had for her turned from platonic to romantic; I had been falling for her more and more over the past few years I suppose.

But I don't think I was ready to admit that yet, and I sensed Fred knew that too.

I opened my mouth, thinking of anything to say to defend myself when Fred spoke over me, "Yano what, forget I said anything. Let's just go get a few butterbeers down at Hogsmeade to take your mind of things, yeah?"

I thought about whether going out would be the best solution at this point but decided to just agree with my brother. I nodded with a small smile and we set off to Hogsmeade.


Even after my protesting on the way to the three broomsticks, Fred still insisted we met up with Angelina and Katie and told me I needed to 'live a little'.

I don't know why he even agreed to this in the first place.

He had come to find me after our last class of the day, looking as smug as ever, telling me how he had agreed for the both of us to meet the two of them tonight.

Of course he told me it was strictly just as friends, but when I had asked him if he had told the two of them that, he frowned and shrugged his shoulder before saying he forgot to mention it.

I then started rambling on about how it felt wrong to go when I had something with Arabella, but Fred, being the master persuader he is, reminded me that Arabella would be spending her time with Cedric tonight, and I was allowed to spend time with people other than her.

Although I still felt a nagging sense of guilt in the back of my head, I finally gave in and told him I would go, but I warned him to not sneak off with Angelina and leave me stuck with Katie.

We were now huddled around a booth in the corner of the three broomsticks, Fred and I in the middle and the girls sat on either side of us.

The pub was packed and the loud noise surrounded us, causing us to raise our voices when speaking to each other to be heard.

We had had some group conversation, me nervously sipping at my drink and keeping my eyes on the table most of the time, still reminiscing on my fight with Belle.

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