Chapter 17

  I soon woke up to the boys chatter.

“Christian must have done it. He was the one who took her outside.”

“Yeah, we need to go back to Nandos and see if he is still there!”

“No, besides we are going to be leaving in a few days. There really isn’t a need to.”

“I agree with Li Li. We are leaving in a few days.”

These were just a few of the statements that I heard from the boys. My stomach was in fell out pain, but I doubt that the boys knew what else Christian did. I started to move my head, when one of the boys shouted.

“Hey guys look, Katy is waking up!” I think that it was Louis, but I wasn’t sure. My eyes then opened, and I immediately felt a headache.

“Agh my head.” I moaned. My hands went up to rub it, but my hand was stopped.

“Here is some ice, and Advil. It will make you head feel much better than just rubbing you hand on it.” A girl said. I looked up and there stood two girls. One had with long blonde hair holding the ice, and one with shoulder length brown hair and natural highlights, but holding Advil.

“Who- who are you?” I asked, recognizing the blonde haired one from the back of the building, but not the other girl.

“I’m Abby and this is my best friend, Emily. We helped you.” Abby said. She was the one with blonde hair.

“Thank you for helping me, and getting me ice and Advil. But how did you get a hold of the boys?” I asked wanting to know.

“Well I took my phone out first, but thought for a second and came to the conclusion that you had a phone on you, so I found you phone. I then called the first contact that said “cat- lover” I called that, and told him.” Abby said while giving me the medication and water. I took the Advil, and

“Yeah, you should have seen Niall and Louis’ faces. Of course we were worried, but didn’t think that much of it… until Abby told us you were bloody and cut up. We all rushed outside, and went to the back of the building like Abby told us. Once we saw you, your shirt was really bloody, but don’t worry once we got home that girls changed it.” Harry said retelling the memory off the top of his head.

“Ok, so what you are telling me is that you left the girls with the gigantic bill?” I asked feeling a slight grin coming onto my face.

“Oh my gosh guys, we did! I feel so horrible!” Liam said, rubbing his hands through his hair. Everyone else laughed, knowing that nobody was fond of the girls of Little Mix.

“Wait, who are you guys even talking about?” Emily asked quite confused.

“Well, in short we had to do a mix of Live While Were Young and Little Mix’s Wings. Once we did the mix, we all went to Nandos, and this is what ended up.” Zayn explained.

“Ok, so who changed me again?” I asked, getting back on topic.

“Oh the girls, Emily and Abby. We didn’t know if you were comfortable with us changing…. Wow that came out wrong…. Um, Emily and Abby changed you. Yeah, that sounds a little better…” Louis said, trying to get the correct words out.

“Thanks guys for thinking about me…” I said, with a smile on my face.

“You’re our little sister, of course we would care about you!” Zayn said the boys“yeah” ing behind him.

“On a side note… guys, I need to go pee…” I said feeling a bit awkward.

“Um… Emily, Abby, can you girls take her?” Liam asked, taking charge as always.

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