9| A Day Well Spent

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16th August 2017

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16th August 2017


"What a major coincidence Priyanka that Preeti is also attending Francoise Dupont College", Sushma aunty said and all the adults laughed. I was seated between Mom and Kriti aunty like a small child who needs to be taken care of. Sushma aunty and Mrs. Couffaine sat opposite from us while the twins sat on separate armchairs, facing each other. I was getting bored of this conversation just like always.

Every Indian adult conversation turns out boring.

I was busy examining the twins for now. How they had styled their hair and how they were dressed up. Juleka was wearing a purple top and white shorts while Luka was wearing a black t-shirt paired with blue jeans and looking insanely han-

Uh-uh. Not again Preeti.

I was mentally scolding myself for admiring Luka's features for what felt like the umpteenth time today. But it wasn't my fault, now was it? Even if I focus on something else, my eyes always travelled back to him even if he was just simply sitting in his chair, completely relaxed. He wasn't an attention seeker, but I can bet on it, that if we were in a room full of people, the spotlight would always be on him. It was his natural charm.

Every now and then laughter erupted in the room while we-the teenagers-continued to remain unfazed by it. Whenever Luka looked at me, I quickly turned my eyes away from him so that he wouldn't notice me staring at him.

Hopefully he didn't notice...

"I think the kids are getting bored. Luka, Juleka why don't you take Preeti to your room", Kriti aunty suggested and winked at me. She was always my lifesaver in boring get-to-togethers, like this one.

"Sure", Luka replied and the three of us got up. I smoothed out my black top and baby pink shorts and followed the twins to their room which was on the second floor.

"And this is our room for the rest of our time here", Luka said whilst opening the door and dramatically bowing to welcome me. I giggled at his actions and entered the room.

There were two beds in the middle with a small side table between them, pushed against the wall. There was a glass window on my left and a balcony on my right. The light blue curtains were dancing on the directions of the wind as the balcony door was left open. The four walls were painted with a light turquoise colour which went well with the white ceiling. There was a drawing of a flock of six black birds flying from the right corner of the room to the centre, on the ceiling. This was a nice guest room.

"I'm going to the washroom. Be right back", Juleka said and went out.

"You can sit here if you want", Luka said and patted the spot next to him on the bed. I complied and sat down on the bed.

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