lee harvey oswald

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the shot was fired

all was done

Kennedy's gone

i have won

at home people cry 

watching tv

as they find out what happened

i fear

all eyes will point to me

a shot from above

that's all they should see

i was too well hidden

they'll never find me

a fist hits the door

knock knock away

i know who it is

i try to run away

fast fast fast as i can

but its not fast enough

no I'm never fast enough

it was stupid

i should have known,

you cant run

you cant hide

no never can you hide

you cant hide from the truth

the shot was fired

all was done

Kennedy's gone

i haven't won


hey, this is the first poem in a while, sorry but i hope that you like it

history: i wrote it for a creative writing project in social studies, about the day when Kennedy was shot. the man who shot him was Lee harvey Oswald, the ending was talking about when the police first caught him,  he was taking a walk and when he saw the police he tried to run away and didn't stand a chance, at the end, that wasn't a typo, it was talking about the state of mind people think he was in right before he shot himself, leave a comment if you like it!

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