Chapter 4

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England 1245

"Aye I say tis true thats what she said," Ardolf repeated to Aidan as his eyes widened.

"But, did she sound truthful father can any of what she says be true," Aidan watched his fathers eyes sparkle  as he nodded his head.

"Aye, every word of it lad" he assured.

As he leaned closer and began to whisper to his youngest son and explain what the seer spoke of, Duncan sat back and chomped his meat and potatoes  in anger at what his father was saying.

It was all jibberish and talk of an addled minded old bat. She did nothing but riled up his father with crazy imaginations.
Far dimension, eclispes,visitor from the future! bah!!! he fumed. The rickety old woman was daft.

He sat back and drank his ale and listened shaking his head at what Ardolf was speaking of.

"During the storm strange things will occur," he spoke enthusiastically as if he were a child recounting a tale.

Aidan leaned closer and his eyes widened.

"What things father?"

Sputtering with sadness he shoved his thumb in Duncans direction.

"We were getting to that until this one interrupted us," he shook his head.

All eyes landed on Duncan as he took a sip of his ale.

As if catching wind of the conversation for the first time his brows frowned and looked at his brother then his father.

"What?" he scowled.

"You could have atleast let father finish with Liora," Aidan pointed out.

Mouth open in awe at what Aidan was saying he immediately closed his mouth with a serious glare.

"She is lucky I did not toss her out on her arse," he scoffed.

"What is wrong with you brother, she is an elderly woman she does no harm in what she does," Aidan argued.

It angered Duncan how he came to the womans defense as if not seeing her for what she trully was; a liar and a thief that filled innocent minds with lies then took their coin with her false prophecies and readings. But he will have none of it in his home.

"She does harm by filling innocent minds with lies," he said angrily.

"How do you know they are lies," Ardolf argued.

Frustrated now with all of this Duncan slammed his fist on the table catching the attention of all of them around the table that suddenly the hall went quiet. 

"That is enough talk of that woman in this home. If I see her again in here she gets tossed in the dungeon. Am I clear," he roared.

Angrily Ardolf stood and tossed his food in his plate, grabbed his walking stick and left in time to see Hilde assist him up the stairs.

Immediately Aidan stood with a scowl and did the same.

"Really brother you have gone too far," Aidan spoke.

With thats said he turned and ran off towards his father and Hilde to help him up the stairs as well.


His brooding looks warned those around him not to anger him any further.

He watched as the greathall slowly began to empty as all of his men finished their supper and left the greathall to their own home.

He sat for a while still fuming over his argument with his brother and father.

Slowly he lifted his mug and drained the last bit of ale in it.

Leaning back against his chair he watched as one of the servant girls came out to finish cleaning up the greathall. He hungrily took his fill of the beautiful girl that will be joining him for the night.

Slowly he stood and walked over to the girl that was unaware of his hungry gaze until she turned to look up at him.

He gave a sensual smile as he gently pulled the rag she held in her hand and placed it on the table.

He softly pulled the cap off her head and watched as soft dark blonde curls fell around face past her shoulders.

He leaned close and caressed her cheek and lowered his hand to hold hers.

Gently he pulled her teasingly towards the direction of the storage room. Bright eyes trustingly followed him as he led the way.

Secluded from the prying eyes he closed himself in the room with his young conquest for the evening.

His seductive wiles were no match for her as she gave into his advances. He leaned her up against the wall and closed the distance burrying his face in her neck with a deep moan.

She felt weak to his touch as he nudged her thighs apart and pulled them around his waist.

He wasted no time in petty caresses and sweet words, he wanted to quiet his sexual urges and the throbbing in his manhood. And he did just that as he gently pushed into her and was rewarded with a whimper and her wetness. She clung to him and rode out her sexual need along with him. They panted and moaned content with the pleasure building between them. With an oath he plunged deeper and faster bracing his self for his pent up release that was well overdue as it barelled down on him.

Her soft whimper and the tightening of her around his shaft drove him to push deeper until they found their release.

Weak and satisfied he gently let her down and looked at her flushed reddened face and smiled.

Heavily he breathed near her lips.

"Same time,same place tomorrow?" he asked.

Lust filled eyes raised to his lips and nodded.

With that he grinned and claimed her lips with a sensual kiss and then he left.


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