Chapter 2

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Scratching your head, you pick up the letter which was sitting on top of your carpet. "Who could've left a letter...and to me?" You had no relatives and no friends even if you wanted to have one. Therefore it left you wondering from whom you might have received it from. The envelope itself looks like it came from another era...

Observing the envelope with a red stamp which seemed to be having a symbol of..."What is this symbol?" "Why do I feel like having seeing it before...?"

Closing the door behind you, you head over to the couch and seated yourself. Turning you attention towards the book you had been reading, you realize its closed. "Aish, now how am I gonna find the page now?"

You pick up the book when the epiphany of what you were witnessing strikes you. The symbol of the cover page of the book is the same one on the stamp.

"Wait, could it be- stop uttering nonsense Y/N, it CANNOT be from vampires; they don't exist

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"Wait, could it be- stop uttering nonsense Y/N, it CANNOT be from vampires; they don't exist." Laughing at your stupidity, you pickup the letter. For a moment, you feel yourself shaking. "Haha...what's wrong with me?" Although still feeling the uneasiness in you, you gather up your courage and open the envelope. The writing, being elegantly cursive, you sigh out a 'wow'. You began reading the letter anxiously

 Dear Lee Y/N, 

You have my greatest condolences. I have come to know of your parents deaths'. Your parents have been my most loyal friends and have never failed to disappoint me till this day. I would be delighted if you would accept my offer to stay in a mansion which have been prepared for you. This is the least I could do to repay their kindness to me. If you have come around to accept my offer, arrive at the address given. You might not be able to meet me after your arrival as I'm writing to you from afar. I have informed the caretakers of the mansion. Take good care of yourself, Miss Y/N.

Yours sincerely,

Kim Taewoon.

The letter had been signed by a person known by the name of Kim Taewoon. "Funny...cuz I've never heard my parents mentioning him before." You shrug it off, trying to make up your mind whether to leave or not. "He says that he and my parents have been close friends bad could it be?" You decide to check it out, what do you have to lose anyway?

Rushing to your bedroom, you start packing as you plan to leave the next day. You could always come back if you didn't like it there...right...?

Exhausted, you change into your PJ's and snooze off...hopefully not into your land of nightmares.


Do you think Kim Taewoon doesn't want Y/N to know something? Find out soon...




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