Bella's POV

I woke up feeling amazing, then it hist me. "We have to go back home tommorow!" I screamed. "I totally forgot that we didn't live here" Nat said "I can't beleive we just got boyfriends and now we have to leave" "lets work something out with our parents and mabye we can stay longer" Nat suggested "Yea, I hope so" I called my mom "hey mom, I was wondering if Nat and I could stay longer in L.A.? We are with friends and they say that we can stsy as long as we like" "Umm, I will think about it, has Nat called her mom?" "Nat, have you called your mom" I asked Nat "Yeah she says I can stay as long as I want and Mrs. Smith will send me emails with my daily homework" Nat replied "Mom, Nat says that she is staying and Mrs. Smith will send her daily emails with the homework" "Sure Bella, you can stay. Keep me updated about when you are going to come home" "Love you Mom, Thanks again" "Bye Bella" I hung up the phone and ran downstairs with Nat following right behind. I saw all the guys on the couch, either on their phones or playing video games. "Hey guys. I hope its okay with you if me and Nat stay longer, we didn't want to go home and since we just got boyfriends..." I was cut off by Kian screaming "What, you never told us that you got a boyfriend. We only know about Trevor and Nat!" Jacob got up and came over to me and he pecked me on the lips and Jacob and I both looked down. I realized how interesting my shoes were and I kind of blocked all the noise of the guys. Jacob and I quietly escaped and went upstairs to my room. "I still think it's really cute when you blush" Jacob finally broke the silence. "We should probably go back downstair to make sure that they don't think anything is happening." 

We went downstairs and everyone was there except Nat and Trevor. I walked into the kitchen and saw Nat sitting on the counter and Trevor standing up infront of her and you can guess what they were doing "Eww stop sucking each other's faces, you litterly just started dating" I went to the fridge, got a Perrier, texted Jacob to tell him and the boys to come in the kitchen quietly, then finally snapped a picture of them sucking each other's faces. The boys quietly came and Connor went behind Trevor and whispered "Busted" in his ear. Trevor grabbed Nat's hand and ran upstairs. Nat was giggling the whole time. Trevor shut the door. "Guys, I guess you aren't coming to Magcon with us!" Nash screamed. Nat ran out of the room and downstairs pulling an upset Trevor with her. "I don't want to go to Magcon" Trevor whined. "If I kiss you will it change your mind?" Trevor nodded and Nat pulled him into the kitchen. "Eww young PDA" Cam said. Nat and Trevor came back and we headed to where Magcon is being held. I am so excited!


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